Saturday, January 5, 2013

Glamorous White Bedrooms

As much as I adore a mix of bright and vibrant Dorothy Draper-inspired color, there is just nothing more soothing and serene than a white bedroom. I have been collecting pieces over the last year for our master bedroom, and here are some of the glamorous white bedrooms that inspire me… 

When creating a white room, it is important to use several shades of white and ivory to add warmth and highlight architectural details. I also like to see at least one other neutral incorporated, such as champagne, silver, gold, beige, brown or black.

Mary McDonald

Small doses of mirrored furniture, brass and Lucite can infuse a bit of glitz, while crystal chandeliers, lamps and sconces add sparkle. Create warmth with Flokati and sheepskin pillows and rugs. Nothing feels better or more luxurious on bare feet!  And the use of silk and satin adds a decadent element of Old Hollywood glamor.

Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz

DKOR Interiors Inc., Miami

Lee Kleinhelter

Susan Baten

 Tiffany Eastman Interiors

Phoebe Howard

Maria Barros
Nancy Corzine
Albert Pinto
Kim Kardashian’s former bedroom (gorgeous but a little too much mirror!)
Yes, I realize this next picture is a nursery, but it is so sophisticated and glamorous I would move in any day!  It is one of my all-time favorite white rooms. The immensely talented Amy over @House of Wentworth designed this beautiful room for her baby girl. Click here for more pics.  
House of Wentworth
After looking at each of these interpretations of a white bedroom I think the importance of mixing shades, textures, architectural elements and accessories is obvious. Otherwise… you might end up looking like this, YIKES!!! I would be afraid to sneeze in this room!  This is way too cold and sterile…
White done right – with the appropriate mix of glitz, glamor and sparkles – should make you feel all warm and cozy, like snuggling by the fire on a white Christmas!


  1. Love it! Thank you so much for the link!

  2. Great post! Any of these bedrooms would make the perfect "Dream Palace" for me!

  3. Great post and stunning photographs, thank you. Here at The Fitted Bedroom Centre we love to share inspirational design ideas and enjoy hearing readers' own views too.

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