Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Palm Beach Chic Goes to Southampton

Last month Vogue featured swimsuit designer Lily Maddock's stunning Southampton home through the series APT with LSD.  Lily, a Miami native, wanted to embrace the “iconic Florida feel she grew up with into a decidedly more northern abode.”

After working with Celerie Kemble (Maddock’s cousin-in-law) and Anna Burke of Kemble Interiors, they expertly balanced a mix of mod, preppy, old-school Palm Beach and Miami glam. 

“I have always had a nostalgia for Palm Beach, Biarritz, and old Hollywood glamour, and I think our house reflects that,” said Lily. “But at heart, my home also reflects the other things that are important to me like family comforts, a love of the outdoors, and casual entertaining.”

Time for a side note…            
Dear Lily, 
I am new to Miami, and I would like for you to move back from NYC so that we can be BFFs, please. Your style is amazing, and I am certain that we must be long-lost design twins.

The Glam Pad
OK, in all seriousness… Let’s take a look inside this ultra Glam Pad! All images and quotes from Lily are from Vogue.
“For both my husband, Locke, and me, the overriding concern when we put together our home was that the rooms—including our living room—were relaxed and comfortable for everyone: husbands, kids, dogs.  The coffee table was purchased from an antiques dealer in Palm Springs, and it’s vintage, lacquered grass cloth with brass accents.  The sofas are by Oscar de la Renta for Century Furniture, and the rug is Madeline Weinrib.”

“The art above the mantel is a Paule Marrot—she was a French textile designer in the 1920s through the 1950s—and it was a gift from my father-in-law.”

“Our kitchen is most often used for entertaining, and I just love the color.  It makes me happy—it’s sort of circus meets Palm Beach.  The chairs around our dining table are vintage, and the curtains are from Bob Collins & Sons fabric in West Palm Beach.  The hand-painted white-and-red chandelier above the island is from Go Home.”
“This plate was a gift from my mother—and it holds almost anything.”

“The chandelier hanging over our dining table is from Canopy Designs, and we love it because it’s just so odd that it actually works.  The wall stripes were hand painted for us by Christopher Rollinson.”
“Bamboo, Lucite, grass cloth, and bright colors are part of my Miami heritage, and most of the funkier furnishings come from South Dixie Highway or Miami dealers.  Shells and corals are reminiscent of home for both me and Locke, and you can find them all throughout the house.  In this room, the sofas and ottomans were custom-made, and the Lucite chairs are vintage, and we purchased them in Miami before covering them in a Madeline Weinrib zigzag fabric.  Like many second homes, this one is full of second- (and third-) hand furniture—all of which tells an interesting story.  For example, I can’t help but wonder how many other homes those Lucite chairs have lived in.”
“These are vintage prints we bought at an auction—I love anything with nature, birds, fish, and animals.”

"I am definitely a bed person—I spend a lot of time in this room, which is large but also manages to feel very cozy.  The bed—which is by Oscar de la Renta for Century Furniture—reminds me of a circus tent.  The bedside tables are Bungalow 5, and the lamps are by Stray Dog Designs.”

"I’ve been riding horses and competing in shows my entire life, and my closet is kind of a tribute.  It’s filled with pictures, ribbons, and other awards I’ve won.  My daughter just started riding and competed in her first horse show over the summer, so she likes to come in and play with my things, which includes dressing up in my high heels.  My closet is also an escape for me from the rest of the house; I read and relax here.”
"My daughter, Mimi, our dog, Max, and I in the foyer of our home in Southampton.  We use this house as much as possible, including the weekends in the fall and spring.  The best time of year is right around now—it is quiet, everyone is gone, and there is no better place to be than sitting by the fireplace in the living room watching the leaves turn.”
“In this last photo, I’m standing with our dog by the pool in the backyard.  Our pool house, which is a tribute to the Beverly Hills Hotel and Indochine, is my husband’s man cave.  It’s great because all his entertaining goes on outside the house.  It’s warm in the winter with the fire and pool friendly in the summer.”

Hold the phone!  Did somebody say Beverly Hills Hotel and Indochine?  As in two of my favorite Martinique Banana Leaf-clad establishments?  I need a picture of that pool house, stat!

Indochine, NYC

So of course, I had to check out Lily’s swimsuit line Été Swim, and of course it is just as fabulous as Lily’s home.  She and her business partner Laura Poretzky-Garcia create suits that are “classic and timeless” and inspired by famous bathing beauties such as Brigitte Bardot and Grace Kelly.” MUST. HAVE. NOW! Check out Été’s Pinterest inspiration board for the swimwear line!  I want to re-pin each retro chic image!!

I also noticed while perusing the Été website, Lily is a fellow Southern Methodist University alumna.  I knew I liked that girl!
P.S. The Vogue photos of Lily’s Southampton home were taken by Claiborne Swanson Frank, who is no slouch herself. Check out Claiborne’s fabulous NYC apartment, featured in ELLE DECOR, which she decorated in collaboration with her mother-in-law Cynthia Frank, a design-world insider and ELLE DECOR’s contributing editor at large.  Claiborne and her husband sold the apartment last month, and I cannot wait to see what they do with their new pad!

P.S.S. I just ordered a back-copy of the October 2007 issue of Domino magazine (RIP) from eBay, which features Lily’s NYC apartment.  Stay tuned for more pics!


  1. Great, pretty, chic...I want it all décor! Perhaps next season here in Florida I will start with the redos or just fine tuning...not that anything is too askew but fun to change and change and change. Also includes shopping, discovering and all those good things! Hastily but with... Cheers. Gerry


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