Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hello Spring, Hello Yellow!

Yesterday marked the first day of spring, and while this doesn’t mean much to me now that I live in South Florida (other than the fact that it is about to get hot, hot, HOT – no need for Punxsutawney Phil to predict that), for the rest of the country, today represents the end of winter and freezing temperatures.

One of my favorite springtime colors is yellow, and I have always loved yellow bedrooms. My guest room in my “bachelorette pad” was yellow, and my guests always commented on how sunny and cheerful it was. Yellow represents sunbeams, warmth, cheerfulness, and friendliness – a perfect combination for a guest room! 
When it comes to bedrooms, I tend to gravitate towards tone on tone… I find it soothing. I am a huge fan of bold, bright, and unapologetically mixed color, but all that vibrant excitement can be a bit jarring in the bedroom. Maybe it is because I am a bit of an insomniac??  I have blogged about my love of white on white bedrooms,  blue and white bedrooms, and green and white bedrooms.  Today, I will feature an assortment of yellow and white bedrooms.  

Jan Showers
Meg Braff

Richard Keith Langham
Barry Dixon

Sarah Richardson

Jan Showers
Scott Sanders

Tomorrow I will post more yellow bedrooms… but with punches of color. I have also been collecting images for purple and white, and pink and white bedroom posts – stay tuned! What is your favorite color combination for the bedroom?


  1. I want to redo my bedroom! Yellow is really making me happy right now!

  2. I love yellow! My bedroom is yellow and white with a touch of green-- but it needs to be finished--so your post gave me a lot of ideas! Take care, Caroline

  3. Yellow is so fresh. Love it. Also, glad that I found your blog, it's fab!


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