Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fabulous Flamingo Wallpaper

The title of Florida State Bird might officially belong to the mockingbird, but the flamingo holds that honor in popular opinion. To many, the pink flamingo is to Florida what the pineapple is to Hawaii.

Recently, I blogged about the incredibly talented Maria Barros and her fabulous flamingo wallpaper. Since then, flamingos seem to be popping up everywhere! Last week, Beth at Chinoiserie Chic even declared them the “next big thing,” and I couldn’t agree more!

“Miami Addiction” by Maria Barros – Available in 21 colorways, and also in fabric.
The first time my husband brought me to South Florida to meet his family (we were dating at the time), I was in a state of awe. While this true-blooded Texan would delightedly move back to Dallas in a heartbeat if we could, Dallas honestly cannot hold a candle to the beauty of South Florida. The palm trees are magnificent, the grass is perpetually green, and we have the most beautiful pink sunsets you have ever seen. You will see peacocks fanning their feathers in Coconut Grove, a Miami neighborhood adjacent to Coral Gables, and we’ve even had feral Macaws visit us in our backyard.  But one thing is missing…. “Where are the flamingos?” I asked my husband… his reply, “Uhhh… at the zoo?” Naturally, I believed that flamingos would running wild in Florida… and I was sadly mistaken. But I can still bring them inside the home!! 

Yesterday, when Junell at Seeker’s Bazaar posted pics of her exquisite “Mistress Bath” covered in Cole & Son “Flamingos” my heart went aflutter. I absolutely LOVE this bathroom!!

Cole & Son “Flamingos” – available in eight colorways.
I am starting to think we should have purchased a larger house… All of my walls are spoken for!! Hmmm… maybe I could sneak some flamingo wallpaper into my closet?
Let’s take a look at some of the other flamingo wallpapers that are available. There’s a lot to choose from!
Rasch Pink Traditional Damask
This wallpaper from Judith Gueth has a wonderful art deco vibe.
Brewster Home Fashions Destinations by the Shore Flamingo Print Wallpaper

This “Flamingo Colony” wallpaper from Europe’s Mitas & Co. includes an interloper! Available in three colorways, and also in fabric.

Rasch “Curiosity Flamingo” - available in four colorways.  
Flamingo Wallpaper from South African company Design Kist (they ship internationally).
Pink Flamingo! Wallpaper from Handmade by Me
Thibaut “Flamingo Bay” – Available in five colorways, and also in fabric.
 Which flamingo wallpaper is your favorite?


  1. This roundup is fantastic. I love so many of them. I am dying to see Junell's home. I think my favorite is Rasch, I clicked over and am loving the black background.

  2. Oh, I love the flamingos!! I was also thinking...what wall do I have to use for some new wallpaper:) Take care, Caroline

  3. I had no idea there were so many choices, not sure what I would have done! Thx for the inclusion, there will be "more better" pix soon. These wallpaper are all fabu!

  4. I love a good flamingo! The" Curiosity Flamingo" wallpaper in that colorway is perfection! Thanks for such a fun post!


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