Tuesday, April 30, 2013

In Progress - Our Backyard

On Sunday, I blogged about the progress of our master bedroom renovation, and today I will share the Number One reason we bought our house... the backyard. Well, not necessarily the physical backyard, it's a disaster, but... we are on the waterway. Zero bridges to bay, which in Miami/Coral Gables real estate lingo means prime real estate.
When my husband and I learned we would be moving to Miami for his work, the first thing he said was, "If  there is any way we can buy on the water, that would be my first choice." However, on our budget, that was not an easy request. I looked for six months before finding our home. Long story short, we lucked into our home after it fell out of contract (at a price that had it outside my radar), and was relisted with a drastic price reduction. The major renovations necessary played a key role in the lowered price, but as a design enthusiast who loves a renovation, I was ready to take on the project. So obviously we scooped it up!

My husband, a Miami native, grew up fishing and now that we are on the water, he can have his own boat right in the back yard! Needless to say, he thinks he has died and gone to heaven. :) There are so many fun things to do in Miami when you have a boat... fishing, setting up stone crab traps, lobstering, shrimping... Plus there are remote little islands and sandbars, perfect for a Sunday afternoon picnic, and restaurants you can boat to for dinner, Venice-style.

Our back yard had this dreadful wooden deck when we bought it. I am not a fan of wooden decks, and this splintery old mess had seen its better day.
So out it went!

 We will fill in the recesses with sand and grass, and then create layered steps going down to the dock. The rotting dock will also be replaced eventually.

Mark D. Sikes

Peter Fudge

We are also constructing a huge covered patio, which will be decked out in pure Palm Beach Chic-ness. During the lovely South Florida "season" - roughly October through April - most entertaining takes place outdoors, and I predict we will be spending the bulk of our time on our future patio. Here are a few of my backyard and patio inspiration pics.

 Ruthie Sommers
Our patio will definitely have a haint blue ceiling. In the south it is believed this blue ceiling keeps evil spirits away. It's also believed to fake bugs and insects out. They think it is the sky, and won't take up residence on your porch.
Ruthie Sommers 

Meg Braff
You know I simply must have that Santa Barbara Designs pool umbrella, which I blogged about here.

Celerie Kemble

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

Our patio will also be decked out with a pair of circa 1970s peacock chairs, identical to these! I found mine (in mint condition) on Craigslist for $200, what a deal!
Stay tuned for more construction updates... I think I'll show you our drastic kitchen transformation in progress next. 


  1. So jealous! I'm decking out my garden house in this style, complete with a peacock chair (I only scored 1) but I'm not on the water. Jealous! Looks like you will be living in paradise. Thanks for inviting us along for the ride.

  2. Wow, this is going to be amazing! You already have so many great features!

  3. Check you out! Looks amazing, and must feel great waking up to that view! Love seeing the progress. Thanks for sharing!

  4. So glad you emailed me about the Melanie Turner picture - I love your blog! I had never seen most of the inspiration pictures for the steps built into the landscape - they are beautiful. I am looking forward to following along on your renovation adventure!


  5. How serenditous that I ran across your blog while researching my collection of vintage faux bamboo furniture. Can't wait to see a photo of my peacock chairs in their new habitat. I hope you have as many happy years with them as I did....(and that was a lot of years!!!)

    1. Hi Beverly! What a small world!! We love the peacock chairs, I will definitely post updates on them. :) Are you selling your bamboo furniture?

      The Glam Pad


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