Sunday, April 28, 2013

In Progress - Our Master Bedroom

Yesterday, my husband and I headed up to West Palm Beach to pick up my latest Craigslist treasure... I have been searching for a dresser for our master bedroom for well over a year now.  I wanted something vintage, of course - either Hollywood Regency or Palm Beach Chic - but also large enough for maximum storage.  This stunning Hollywood Regency beauty fit the bill, measuring in at a whopping 84" long! And you can't beat the price at just $150!!

 The dresser is scratched and has a few nicks... Does anyone have any great ideas on how to restore? All of the gold detailing is brass, and I do not want to paint over it. I want to keep it white, so I'm thinking about having the color matched at Home Depot, and then just sanding and touching up the bumps and bruises. Thoughts???

I have blogged here about my vision for our all-white master bedroom... our color palette will be a neutral oasis of white, ivory, beige, champagne and gold. So far, we have a custom tufted sleigh bed, upholstered in cinnamon glacĂ© sateen by Donghia, white and ivory linens, two mirrored Borghese nightstands, and now this dresser! This pair of vintage French mirror chairs (only one shown below) was in our Dallas living room. The color is a bit off in the picture, but the shimmery beige silk is almost the exact same color as our Donghia bed.

sneak peek of our bed, in progress
our nightstands
pair of vintage French mirror chairs
Now I need your help! Which rug would you choose for the room I am creating?...

1. Leopard

2. White geometric

Please weigh in!

I am also considering this armoire, but I would want to paint it white... What do you think?

Now on a final, and not so glamorous note... Here is what our master bedroom looks like now!

From this view, you can see where my husband's closet will be. This was previously the master bath.
This isn't the best shot, but we are combining the two previous master closets to make one large closet for moi. :)
This was a bedroom directly adjacent to our master. We are turning it into one large master bath.
Here is what the master bedroom looked like in the MLS listing, yikes!! If you look closely, you can see that we also pushed the bathroom (now closet) wall back, as it previously jutted out and inverted where my closet(s) will be located. The new closet doors will be repositioned so that our bed will fit in between, thus facing the opposite wall as the bed in this picture. You cannot tell from this picture, but we have a lovely view of the water from our master bedroom. I will blog more about our backyard later this week! :)

We certainly have our work cut out for us!


  1. My choice is leopard...and wow...can't wait to see it all come together! Take care, Caroline

  2. Love both rug options... YES to the armoire! Paint it white! It's great! Can not BELIEVE the great deal you got on the dresser!! Looking good!!

  3. I hope you are enjoying the process. Starting from scratch like this is exciting. Your closet is probably the size of my guest bedroom. I love the dresser you found. I don't have advice for you, but your plan sounds good. Do you need an armoire? I have been getting rid of a few of mine. I can't wait to see your view...and leopard is my vote.

  4. Animal print is my vote. I don't think you'll regret painting your cabinet white. I think it will be striking.
    What a find for you on Craig's list!!! I love treasure hunting....
    Thank you for sharing your house progress. I love seeing someone's vision come together. I truly appreciate the process, and love seeing the results!
    PS a black piano is classic, but the white ones were so fabulous too. Can't wait to see what you'll select!

  5. So exciting! I love all white, especially in a bedroom! I'd go with leopard all the way. Can't wait to see what you do!!

  6. Leopard, please. Totally glam. My husband would never go for it -- yours must be very accommodating!

    Looking forward to seeing more progress.

  7. Nice score on the dresser. The goods that are so easy and cheap to come by are the reason that I moved back to Florida. I just got a campaign chest in white for $40 a month ago. I have been remodeling the typical FLA house for decades and I never tire of the all the options. I envy your project right now...this is where the fun starts!

  8. Great steal on the CL dresser ` WTG! Leopard, Darling. Armoire will look smashing all lacquered up! Love a reno.

  9. Wow, it will be great! Leopard for sure! That Armoire will look really sharp White!

  10. Have you seen the Stark pattern called snow leopard!!!!!! That , to me, would be the perfect choice, subtle animal print...

  11. hi there! love u blog:) so u are the one that stole my dresser..when I called and they told me it just sold..i was like NOoooo, why, who?! anyways, great to know it found a nice owner. Pao


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