Saturday, April 20, 2013

Palm Beach Chic Patio Transformation

Yesterday, Joe at the JPD School of Design in Palm Beach posted about an “ugly-a*# faux-Mediterranean builder-spec mini-mansion” he staged recently in Palm Beach. I recognized the transformed porch immediately, as I included it my very first blog post on real estate listings in Palm Beach.
Here is what Joe had to say about the amazing transformation… He is so talented, and what a sense of humor!
Before: Nouveau Riche
The goofy wooden pergola was removed as it was too small for anything and replaced it with a canvas canopy tripling the size of the area and creating a beautiful covered dining area.

Before: gold lame' jog-suit with leopard scrunchie and Tory Burch knockoff flats.

After: Landed Gentry

After: White linen palazzo pants, an embroidered gauzy turquoise Tunisian top with matching turquoise Capri sandals..

Click here for more of the blog Master Class - JPD School of Design Palm Beach, Florida.


  1. Oh my the transformation! Take care, Caroline

  2. Wow. I'm ready to sit down and have a glass a wine in that patio!

  3. That pergola is the perfect example of bad scale. I am watching two homes in my area do additions where the scale is wrong. Most people don't know the scale is wrong until they see the right one, like the "after" above. What an amazing transformation.

  4. omg, this is wonderful! what a great transformation. love this! I'll be right over for a glass of vino!

  5. The recent setting is already good, but the new one is the better, I love how they settled everything, how they suit it with each other.

  6. I never new you re-ran this, thanks so much! Very sweet of you!


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