Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I Heart Jan Showers

I just saw this image Jan Showers posted on her Facebook page, and it stopped me in my tracks...

I recently blogged here about my complete obsession with Jan Shower's work. I've spent countless hours poring over every detail of each of her projects, so my heart went aflutter as I had not seen this swoon-worthy bedroom before. I immediately went to her website to see if she had some new projects posted. Oh, I was in for a delight! Jan has several new projects posted, my favorite of which is located in Pemberton Heights, Austin, TX.  Just wait until you see this amazing home (and more shots of that dreamy bedroom)!





After looking at this dream home, I am actually speachless... It is too glamorous and gorgeous for words! Here are a few more images I adore from Jan's recent project in Tulsa...

And Jan went "rustic chic" with this Texas ranch house... I love the Stark Antelope rug!

Click here to see more of Jan's amazing work! And, click here to see an incredible home for sale in Dallas, decorated by Jan Showers. 


  1. Wow, how lovely. She is so versatile with her design. I saw that walkway with the grass design on Pinterst and loved it.

  2. Absolutely stunning!!! Take care, Caroline

  3. gorgeous!
    i really like her style

  4. Yep, she rocks! That NAVY room ... to die for! I actually gasped out loud!! She makes it look so simple!! xo

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  6. I love her, too. She does a fabulous job consistently! So classy and brilliant. Have a great week.

    xo Nancy

  7. gurrrrl i am so with you on this one! i really love her! and ps i LOVE the darker side of jan showers in some of those photos!

  8. I am groovin on All these photos! You're my favorite blogger!


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