Friday, July 19, 2013

Renovation Update

TGIF, y'all! My goodness, it has been one stressful week!!! We have had yet ANOTHER renovation delay, and we are now looking at a move-in date of August 15. Let me just tell you, renovations are NOT for the faint of heart... Our original move-in date was supposed to be February 1, grrrr! We had six months of delays from the permitting process alone.

On a happy note, our house is finally starting to look like a house, and not a war zone. Let's take a look inside!

Inspirational image for our front door. Original art by Kim Peterson, available for sale at Etsy.
Here is what our hurricane impact resistant front doors look like now... They will be painted in high gloss black - Fine Paints of Europe, Hollandlac Brilliant, and they will have brass handles. We will also install red brick pavers, and of course blue and white planters are a must!

Here is the view from our entry, as of this morning...
Here is the same view last month...
And in May...
Prior to renovations...
This is our dining room, as of this morning... It will eventually look like this! That little patch spot is the stain test, which I approved today...
We will have espresso-stained oak wood floors. Walls are Sherwin Williams Extra White, and of course we will be papering our dining room in Brazilliance by Carleton V.  
Here is our kitchen, which will eventually look like this... The floor stain will be complete in the kitchen first, and cabinets will be installed on Tuesday!
Here is a view of the backyard from our master bedroom. If you look closely, you can see that the backyard is also in the midst of an overhaul. The before and inspiration pics can be seen here.

The master closets will flank our bed. The closet on the left will be mine... it was formerly two tiny his and her closets, which we combined. The closet on the right will be my husband's. It was formerly the master bathroom. Inspirational images, and before pics can be seen here...
We are converting an adjacent bedroom into our master bath, and I will show pictures soon!
We simply cannot wait to move in our new home... It has been a rough road, but hopefully it will all be worth it in the end. :)  Even though our move in date is August 15, we will still have a TON of work to do... little odds and ends in the house, and the exterior will still be a construction zone. But we have to be out of our current home by the end of August, so fingers crossed there will be NO MORE DELAYS!!! 


  1. Andrea, I'm loving all of the photos! I can really see a major difference in the entry. It opened up the entire view! Loving the front door too. Excellent choice on installing the wood floors on an angle. The house looks amazing and it will be worth all of the stress. I'm really looking forward to seeing your wallpaper installed!!!!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Renovations of this beauty-to-behold are like a drug to me!!! Love it!! Love your blog!

  3. Andrea, you are doing so much work! I hope you make your August 15th date. That is really soon. You have great taste and I can't wait to see more of this home.

  4. WOW! what a big project but your lucky to be able to make it look how you want it with everything you love! looks great so far and cant wait to see the rest!

  5. SOOO exciting! It is really coming along (love the espresso stain!) and August 15th will be here so soon! What an amazing view you are going to have from the bedroom--and from all of those rooms! Off to check out Kim Peterson now!

  6. yay, so exciting!!!! I love a good reno but it's nice when it finally comes top a close! My boyfriend moves to nyc august 15th too, we've been long distance for 5 years so I will also be counting down the days!!!

    Xo Courtney Q ||

  7. The absence of delays will make everything possible! You have wonderful and promising inspirations for your home; I just hope that you'll be able to achieve those. Anyway, how's your house renovation?

    -Jon Barnes @ LyonConstruct

    1. It is coming along! I need to post another update... Thanks, Jon!



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