Friday, August 23, 2013

Barclay Butera's Blue & White Beach House

Over the last few days, I've been pouring over all things blue and white while searching for inspiration for our family room... I have also been in a fevered hunt for a budget-friendly blue and white fabric for custom drapes! I would like to incorporate touches of animal print, bamboo, seashells, a seagrass rug, and a palm leaf fan. All of these elements are featured to perfection in Barclay Butera's fabulous Newport Beach home. I could look at each of these rooms for hours!



I've seen most of these gorgeous images floating around Pinterest for some time now, but I didn't realize they were all from the same home. SO gorgeous! This feature ran in the October 2007 issue of Traditional Home.


  1. He's got a book full of fabulous as well - you would love it!

  2. I'm in love with navy and white right now. With a touch of black and gold. What a great house. Not to feminine, or masculine. Perfect balance.....

  3. Thats a serious dose of blue and white. For me, its practically what my whole house is and I love it, but some of those rooms are almost too much. I do love the way he added the dark woods and touches like leopard...beautiful.

  4. Very Billy Baldwin. Love the sophistication of his blue & white vibe with those West Indies accents.

  5. Great house! A lesson in using dark & light in blue & white décor.
    I loved it. Looking forward to seeing your house reveal!

  6. Andrea how gorgeous. I know you will make your room into a thing of beauty!
    I love Barclay's use of a lot of bamboo as well.

    Feature: Artist Anne Harwell

  7. Such fresh looking spaces. Love the relaxed feel!

  8. He is one of my favorite his new book!

  9. Such a beautiful classic look that you will never tire of.

  10. Looks great! The vases add this slightly oriental look to the whole decor. Nice.

  11. You have been in my thoughts...LOVE all of the blue and white...especially the kitchen! Can't wait to see pics of your new home...hang in there!!


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