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Reader Home Tours: Inside a Blog Reader’s Palm Beach Chic House!

I have often said that one of the best things about blogging is the friends you make along the way, and I particularly love meeting like-minded design enthusiasts.  So you can imagine my excitement when Michelle, a regular reader of The Glam Pad, reached out to me... I almost fainted when I saw her incredible home, and I knew right then and there I must launch this new series, “Reader Home Tours.”

Michelle, a former home décor store owner, has always loved to decorate....hunt, find, primp, and change. “I’m one of those people who if I can't afford it I will find a cheaper way to do it,” said Michelle.  I think we were switched at birth! Without further ado, please allow me to introduce you to Michelle…
Michelle’s two-story Cape Cod was built in the 1950s. She has lived here for 14 years with her husband, daughter and son, two dogs, two kittens, and her eldest son who now lives on his own. Her front door is painted Pink Corsage by Benjamin Moore. The wallpaper in the entry was given to Michelle by an owner of a wallpaper store. It can be purchased here
The chairs in Michelle’s living room are Kelly Wearstler Imperial Trellis. “I bought half the fabric at a great price and waited until I could afford the rest before I had them upholstered. I looked at knockoffs, but really wanted the real thing!” she said.
Michelle picked up this brass bamboo coffee table for a song at $30!
“My Decor is a mixture of vintage with new. I love quirky pieces along with traditional. For years I had a more French, Shabby Chic, white and pale décor, but I grew tired of it. I have always loved color, tropical, floral, and Chinoiserie, and I fell in love with the Palm Beach Chic Style,” said Michelle.
“I have scored some great pieces from estate sales, consignment and antique stores,” said Michelle.
“I love decorative animal accents...flamingos, peacocks, elephants, (my grandmother collected elephants and they always make me think of her) cheetah, zebra, and leopard. I believe every home should have some!” 
Michelle bought the campaign brass chest in her bedroom $50. The white campaign dresser was $125, and faux bamboo chairs were just $100.
“I sometimes wish I had the budget to just buy everything my heart desires, but then again I would miss that amazing thrill of ‘Wow I just found a campaign brass chest for $50!!!’” said Michelle.
“I have a couple of pagoda bamboo chandeliers from Etsy (not so cheap) Also one of my latest finds a bamboo pagoda étagère for $100!”
“I absolutely love my pink trellis wallpaper in my dining room,” said Michelle. “It is called Grata and is made by York wallpaper. I go crazy over wallpaper and would have it in every room if I could afford to!! It is like art, and it just makes the space.”
“My home decor store was a dream come true. So much fun and hard work. My Mom was my partner and we had a blast stocking it, dreaming up displays, and meeting so many wonderful people. We mixed vintage refurbished furniture along with new home decor accessories. It felt like a never ending shopping trip! Unfortunately with the slow economy in our area we finally had to close it.”
“I have never had any formal training in design I just put together what I like. I have decorated quite a few homes and love doing it.” 
“My home office is still a work in progress. So far I have a pink ceiling, black and white Madeline Weinrib look-a-like rug, large French table/desk, bamboo pagoda étagère/bookshelf, and these fabulous Growing Wild curtain panels I found an estate sale find... I didn't really know what they were at first, but I just loved them.”
“I have wanted the Carleton Varney Brazilliance wallpaper forever. That is my next expenditure,” said Michelle.
“I am in awe by all the design blogs. I just can't believe all the talented people out there!! So many ideas, inspiration, and DIY projects. I've thought of starting one, but I get a little intimidated by the talent out there. My favorite blogs are The Glam Pad, Bijou and Boheme, Home-Styling, Seekers Bazaar, The Pink Pagoda, Chinoiserie Chic, and CaitlinWilson Design… I love Caitlin’s fabrics and pillows. I still have a way to go before I'm totally happy with the way the house looks, but I never tire of decorating!” said Michelle.
Maybe with a little encouragement, we can nudge Michelle into Blogland… This lady has a great eye! Thank you, Michelle, for taking us inside your gorgeous home. You are so incredibly talented!

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  1. Faboo! Love, love, love Growing Wild & love how she used it! Thx Michelle for the shout out, makes me want to blog more! I love her use of such sophisticated pinks! And that front door is To Die For!!! Great post!

  2. Oh la la! I'm loving her fearless use of color. Sometimes I feel like a peeping Tom, but I love seeing real homes, real style. Her vintage finds make this house a home. I have a feeling that I'm going to really like this series. Keep up the great blogging Andrea, as I always look forward to reading your educational posts and seeing your great photos.

  3. Beautiful! So stylish but also cozy feeling like a real home should feel. Her bamboo coffee table is exactly what I have been looking for to use in my living room! Great series!!! Looking forward to more!

  4. Michelle speaks my language, lots of color and great vintage finds. What a lovely home!! I'm so glad we got to take a peak. And I love the new series! :)

  5. I need to know where Michelle got that yellow elephant table. I need one. Lovely home, Michelle.

  6. YES!! Michelle definitely needs to blog! I LOVE her style. Sooooo very flattered to be mentioned -- thank you, Michelle! Jennifer

  7. What a fabulous home. So great of you to share!

  8. oh my gosh! I just love her home! michelle, you've got talent, girl! I love everything about your home! LOVE your wallpaper and I can't believe you found that bamboo pagoda on etsy for $100...that's my dream...otherwise they're too darned expensive! Andrea, thanks for featuring her home! AWESOMENESS ALL OVER!!!!

  9. Wow...I love her many wonderful colors...the pink and white wallpaper in the dinning room looks fabulous!

  10. Beautiful Palm Beach Glam!! Love her fearless use of color! Thanks for taking us "in"!! xo

  11. Michelle, I love your home! Andrea, thanks for bringing it to us!

  12. i LOVED reading this - isnt it soooo cool to see people's homes. i love a good reader home tour! thanks for sharing it. btw - i love that lighted white geometric side table in Michelle's living room. SO COOL

  13. Wow!! I love it. I need to meet Michelle :)

  14. Wow! Michelle will put me to shame--what a fabulous home! And what a fun series! Cannot wait to see more!

  15. Loved your home! So much fun. Thanks for sharing.


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