Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Palm Beach Home in Bloom

I was flipping through some old copies of Florida Design's Palm Beach The Island, and I found this exquisite Palm Beach home. It overlooks Lake Worth and features some beautiful hand-painted panels from Stark Wallcoverings. The decorator, Valerie McGreevy Tatalovich, took her vivid interior palette from the surrounding water’s aqua, the green foliage, a nearby rose garden, the sand and sunset blush... grounding it all with classic black and the owner's antiques.

“From the hand-painted Chinese panels on the foyer walls to the references of flowers, birds and butterflies in the carpets and draperies, I wanted to weave in the homeowners’ devotion to nature,” Tatalovich said.
I dream of owning a home in Palm Beach... Who doesn't? If you were lucky enough to be amongst the .0001 percent with a second or third home on the island, would you decorate it formally like this exquisite home and like the Lauder's Palm Beach mansion?  Or would you go for a more whimsical "Palm Beach Chic" approach like this?


  1. Love them both...but I would go more "whimsical" Palm Beach Chic!!

  2. Of course, I love it!!! But, I'd go more whimsical, also!!

  3. YUM! I like to spin them all together ~ whimsy, trad & stuffy! Of course I am a "it ain't done til it is over done" kinda' gal.

  4. Something about the entry really speaks to me. Beautiful inspiration!

  5. I think I would mix and go eclectic but a Gracie or Stark paper would definitely be in the home somewhere!!
    Great post!

  6. I'm not a formal person, so I would definitely go whimsical PBC. Isn't Tiger Wood's ex-wife building a home in Palm Beach? I would love to see how she decorates it. I thought you would like this fun/funny article on PB vs. Naples


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