Monday, December 16, 2013

Decor to Reflect your Personal Style, by The Famous Home

A few months ago, I posed the question, "Is your décor a reflection of your wardrobe? Does our sense of style in fashion go hand-in-hand with our decorating tastes?" Natalie at The Famous Home also broached the subject recently, and after a couple of emails back and forth, we came up with a fun idea for a guest post! Natalie, an extremely talented new blogger, has amazing style, and her inspiration boards are fantastic.  So today she is sharing how she would decorate for four potential clients with varying styles, based on inspiration from style icons...
When Andrea invited me to guest post at The Glam Pad I was incredibly flattered as I truly admire her sense of style! She and I are both intrigued by Betsy Burnham's quote, "I can define a client's design goals by looking in her closet." An individual's sense of fashion is a great source for inspiration to create a room that truly suits her and makes her feel most at home.

I've created three looks for each of the following ladies: 

The Romantic
The Glamour Girl

The Sophisticate
and The Bohemian
For my client whose style could best be classified as romantic (whose style icons would include Audrey Hepburn) I created the following den where she could curl up on her daybed and read on a rainy afternoon.

For the lady who dresses in the most glamorous way (whose style icons would include Marilyn Monroe) I created glam spot to serve champagne to guests from her mirrored secretary turned bar. The colour palette was inspired by her favourite drink...

For the sophisticate (whose style icons would include Natalie Wood, with whom I share a name hence… The Famous Home) I created a chic living room for her based on the fact that she always can be counted on to leave the home looking impeccable dressed in a black and white palette with hints of red or pink.

And for the bohemian woman whose style follows no rules but her own (whose style icons would include Miroslava Duma and Nicole Richie) I put together a room that includes saturated colours pieces inspired by all the far flung places my client has had the pleasure of experiencing.
Again, I'd really like to thank Andrea for being so kind to have me here today! 

Natalie, thank you so much for sharing your amazing vision! I love each of these rooms, and could honestly move right into any of them. Which one best represents your style?  Please make sure to stop by The Famous Home for more of Natalie's work!


  1. Fantastic fun, oh I really love the last one, pea green and sofa fringing are loves of mine.

  2. I love all the styles, but I think I relate to the last one the most. However, on some level I think I could walk in any of those rooms and see a little bit of me....the trouble with being a Gemini!

  3. All of these rooms are fabulous, but the sophisticated is definitely the most "me"! I can't get enough pink, gold, or stripes! :)

  4. Funny enough, I love a mix between the glamour and the sophisticate, though I'm a Bohemian dresser at heart:)

  5. I am a mix between the romantic and the sophisticate! SUCH a fun guest post! Thank you, Natalie and Andrea!

  6. These are all fabulous Andrea!!!! I love the sophisticate room the most!

  7. What a fun post!! I want to be a bohemian!! xoxo

  8. I will take the romantic room, please + even though they are all fabulous.Great Post.

  9. What an interesting thought! Do we decorate our homes like we dress ourselves? Now I need to take a look around. I think every 5 years I would love to have the ability to change my home decor - but that is a wee bit expensive.
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  10. All stunning and I think you definitely captured Iconic Audrey in that first grouping!! She is one of my favorites!!!!

  11. I love this. I think I am a little of each one. The green chairs in the Bohemian are fantastic.

  12. Oh Andrea, you make my blush! Thanks for the kind compliments!

  13. I really enjoyed putting this post together, it's so much fun to put together rooms for someone other than myself. Even if they are imaginary clients.

  14. Oh my gosh- what gorg layouts! I must admit that I am definitley a combo of all three. Happy Holidays! xm


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