Friday, May 31, 2013

We Have New Windows and Doors!!

Major progress on our house this week! Our impact windows and doors have been installed!! For those of you who don't live in hurricane territory, impact glass is an absolute must here in Florida. Impact windows and doors are constructed with laminated huricane resistant glass, and are designed to withstand flying debris. If you don't have impact glass, you have to put up shutters if their is a hurricane, which is a royal pain.

Here is what the front of our house looks like today...

Obviously we still have to re-stucco and paint... We will paint the house white, and black plantation shutters will be added to the sides of the windows.
And here is what the front of the house looked like when we purchased it...
I am not a fan of Bahama Shutters... they completely block out all of the light, making the house feel dark and depressing. :( The orange tile and asphalt driveway will be freshened up with brick pavers, and our landscaping needs some freshening as well. New impact double doors will be installed next week.
If you look at the old blueprints of our home, you can see that we also reconfigured the windows... they were too long and narrow, and frankly they just looked silly.  
Now let's take a peek inside! Here is what our entryway looked like before...

And today!

Widening the opening of our entryway wall really opened up this space, and allows for a much better view of the Number One reason we bought this house... the waterway!
Before we had two sets of sliding doors. We eliminated half of the right sliding door, and pulled the wall forward into the living room to provide more space in the adjacent kitchen. We then eliminated the beam seperating the two doors to allow for one large set of French doors with sidelights.
(image from MLS listing)
Here is a shot of the future kitchen, looking into the formal living room.
Click here if you would like to see more on our kitchen remodel. More on our backyard can be found here, and here for more on our master bedroom.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

All Aboard! Yacht Design, by Jackie Armour

Last week, I wrote about the uber talented Jupiter, Florida-based designer Jackie Armour of JMA Interior Decoration, Inc.  Her style exudes that colorful, tropical, fun, Palm Beach Chic vibe I have come to love since moving to Florida. In addition to residential design, Jackie Armour specializes in yacht design, and I am head over heels for this vivacious vessel...

If we had a yacht, it would be decorated just like this... and my husband would refer to me as "Lovie" in his best Thurston Howell III impersonation (which he has down to a tee).

As much as I love the idea of a yacht, we are actually in the market for a Contender fishing boat. This may be a shocking confession coming from a girly girl who is enamored with all things glamorous, pink, and Palm Beach Chic, but I absolutely love to fish (with my pink fishing rod, of course!)  There are so many fun things to do in Miami when you have a boat, and I plan to blog about our adventures... Key Largo is a 45-minute boat ride from out house, and Bimini just two hours. Stay tuned! :)

In the meantime, click here to see my previous post on Jackie Armour, and here to see more of her incredible portfolio.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Blue & White Beach House in Boca Grande, Florida

This Memorial Day weekend I'm wishing we were in my favorite little hideaway, Boca Grande, Florida on tiny Gasparilla Island. Located about three hours northwest of Miami, Gasparilla Island is seven miles long, and just one mile across at its widest. Boca Grande epitomizes "Old Florida" style, and it harkens to a bygone era full of Southern charm. There are no high-rises, no fast food restaurants, no chain stores, and no traffic lights. Billboards and other exterior advertising are banned by the Conservation District. And the thing I like most about Boca Grande is that it's virtually unknown. Even most native Floridians have never heard of it, so Boca Grande is truly a place you can go to disappear... and leave all of your worries behind.

My husband and I fantasize about one day having a beach house in Boca Grande, and I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I saw this one, owned by interior designer JoAnn Barwick and her husband, Fred Berger. Images and copy below via Traditional Home...
Big, showy blossoms of deep pink bougainvillea and hibiscus envelop the homeowners and cheer them along the garden path that leads to the steps of their entry, approached through an old-fashioned wraparound porch.

The glass shelves allow the built-in lighting at the top of the cabinet to shine throughout JoAnn’s displays of coral, shells, and ceramics.

Bathers by Andrew Gittleson tops a painted chest across from the sectional.
JoAnn Barwick leans into her favorite furnishing--a painted wine cellar she designed after a Swedish tile stove.
 Antique faience chargers are displayed above a painted bench and table. Except for an antique Chinese bamboo cabinet and a newer bamboo coffee table in the master bedroom, the furniture throughout the home is painted--either white, blue, or some combination of the colors. “There isn’t a single piece of unpainted wood furniture in our home,” JoAnn says.
JoAnn found the dining room’s Swedish-style chandelier in Vermont. “Every Swedish dining room has one,” she says.
Outdoor living is a huge part of JoAnn and Fred’s attraction to Florida. When building their cottage, they left room for an octagonal gazebo where they read, relax, and entertain. The small dining table with wicker chairs is a perfect place to enjoy morning coffee or a light lunch overlooking the water--and they can be easily moved in or out of the sun as needed.
The ceiling of the gazebo is painted a soft robin’s-egg blue, which contrasts with the brighter all-weather-fabric striped curtains that include a dash of sunny yellow.
Rockers on the wraparound front porch were designed by JoAnn.
Even the master bedroom is on the first floor for JoAnn and Fred’s ease and convenience. Stripes, checks, florals, and a toile mix serenely in the blue and white palette.
The bedroom’s antique Chinese bamboo cabinet and newer bamboo coffee table are the only unpainted wood furnishings in the home.
Even the antique carpet balls on the bamboo coffee table are blue and white.
Hand-painted more than a decade ago by well-known interior designer Marshall Watson of New York, the bed alcove was a project for a magazine. Adjacent to the guest room, the upstairs alcove was a magnet for the grandchildren as they were growing up.
Click here to see another breath-taking Boca Grande home I recently featured, and here for more on the Gasparilla Inn, decorated by Celerie Kemble's mother, Mimi McMakin.
Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to those who have fought for our country and for our freedom!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Inside Tastemaker Melanie Duncan's NYC Home

The latest issue of Rue features the glamorous New York City home of Melanie Duncan, and I am positively smitten. Melanie is the owner of Custom Greek Threads and Luxury Monograms. Just wait until you see the chairs she had embroidered with her family crest! And those inky black walls and gilt ceiling, ooh la la!  Let's take a look inside...


Click here for more on this amazing home, and to read Rue's interview with Melanie Duncan.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

J’adore Jackie Armour

Many of my favorite interior designers are based (or have offices) in Florida – Celerie Kemble and her mother Mimi McMakin, Carleton Varney, Gary McBournie, Scott Snyder, Susan Kroeger – just to name a few. I was recently introduced to the work of Jackie Armour, and she is the latest addition to my list of fabulous Florida favorites.  Let’s take a look at some of Jackie's work…





Jackie Armour is located in Jupiter, Florida. To learn more about her services, click here. And stay tuned... Jackie also specializes in yachts!! More to come...
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