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New Year's Resolutions

Happy 2014! Have you made your New Year's Resolutions? Last year mine was to live a "cleaner" life, surrounded by fewer harmful chemicals and pesticides. I resolved to purchase only organic or "Clean 15" produce, eliminate sodas and as much processed foods as possible, and I purged my cosmetic bag and household cleaning products. Do you know what may be lurking in your lipsticks and lotions?...

What Toxic Chemicals Is Your Skin Absorbing? How about your baby? #NonToxic
Scary stuff!! One of my favorite cosmetic lines is 100% Pure. Their products are so clean, you could practically eat them! Here is a sneak peek inside my cosmetic bag...

 I am positively addicted to 100 Percent Pure's Fruit Pigmented Lip Glazes. They are so moisturizing, and the colors are rich and long-lasting.  A few of my favorite colors are Cabernet - an Old Hollywood Glam red, Strawberry - a bright fuchsia pink, and Daiquiri - a subtle peachy pink. 100 Percent Pure pressed powders and blushes come in such gorgeous packaging, and the colors are amazing! I love their tinted moisturizer for everyday wear, which also contains SPF. On days that I need a little more coverage, Healthy Skin Foundation does the trick, and blemishes and dark circles disappear with the Brightening Concealer - both of which contain SPF.  I also swear by Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream... it works wonders on fine lines and puffiness.
I am a huge fan of Dr. Bronner's soap, scented with natural oils such as peppermint, rose, and lavender. For moisturizing, I use Aveeno lotion  and organic coconut oil. For extra dry skin, Egyptian Magic is just that... magical! I have used it to cure cracked lips, chapped hands, and raw nose due to cold. My friends also swear by it for diaper rash. A bit pricey, but one jar lasts several years. My favorite everyday lip balm is Smith's Rosebud Salve. It has been sold since 1892, and it has such a lovely rosey scent.
For household cleaning products - including disinfecting spray, laundry detergent, dish packs, and dish soap - I almost exclusively use Seventh Generation. I also use simple homemade cleaning remedies, such as vinegar and hot water to clean our hardwood floors.

If you want to check the toxicity of your everyday products, visit the Environmental Working Group... This wonderful website certainly served as an eye-opener to me! And if you are interested in learning more about healthy beauty and household products, as well as how to make them yourself, I highly recommend Sophie Uliano's Gorgeously Green books.

What are your 2014 resolutions? One of mine is to prepare more home cooked meals. My husband and I love to cook, but we have been so consumed with our renovation, that we have not been cooking as much as we used to... So I'm thinking of sharing a few of our favorite recipes here at The Glam Pad to keep me on track! Would you like to see them?


  1. Your blog is so wonderful, I would like to see anything you have to share. Kind of expanding your audience and sharing what works. I can get stuck in a rut with products and love to hear what my friends are using. Any tips would be appreciated......

  2. I am 100% on board with you regarding the chemicals as I have serious chemical allergies! especially to artificial scent/perfume which almost every cosmetic and cleaning product now contains. I use unscented hair products, alcohol free hairspray, seventh generation cleaning products and also Murphy's Oil Soap, Baking Soda, Vinegar, Bon Ami and Borax or i make my own. I also want to do more cooking which has been scarce due to renovations and surgeries last year! So bring on the recipes and please continue to educate your readers about chemical problems. I had a sinus infection for four months because my "friends" burn those nasty jar candles or plug horrible chemicals into their receptacles and then invite us over! Just sayin' ;-)

    1. Yes, fragrance is a tough one to avoid... and the fragrance industry is protected under trade secret laws, which means the ingredients are not listed on labels at all, yikes! I have spent countless hours researching to find clean products for my husband and myself that do not contain harmful fragrances and chemicals... I can write more about the shampoos, gels, hairspray, shaving cream, sunscreen, nail polish, hand sanitizers, etc. I have discovered and love.... (Although in full disclosure, I still wear my Coco Chanel from time to time... I cannot bear to part with it.) If you really want to freak out about what is hiding in your daily products, read "No More Dirty Looks".... this book also has some great tips on safe alternatives.

      The Glam Pad

    2. I would love to hear about the products you know and love. As to Channel...REAL perfumes, not the ones made in chemical labs, are not a problem but hardly anyone realizes they are rare these days and expensive as always because they are real and good for us. Sadly, even a lot of chemical-laden faux essential oils are being passed off as the real deal to consumers. I am so concerned about the grand babies, being a woman of a certain age ;-) and my friends are growing in their concern for their own littles because it is so everywhere. I also wanted to ask about the Egyptian Magic. Did it really work work for lips...mine are chronically cracked and I have found nothing that really works. I do love Aveeno daughter turned me on to it with her first baby. Suzi

    3. Hi Suzi,

      I'll plan a follow up post on more of my favorite products! Yes, the Egyptian Magic is wonderful for cracked lips. It doesn't smell as nice as the Rosebud Salve, but it truly works wonders. If I don't keep something on my lips, I tend to lick them, causing them to become extremely chapped... which is another reason I love the 100% Pure Lip Glaze. I hope this helps, and thank you so much for your comments!


  3. Happy New Year! I love this post--something I am passionate about, as well! I would absolutely love to see some of your recipes! We try to eat paleo/clean more often than not (currently I am on day 8 of an intense 30 day cleanse--no coffee or alcohol--bleh! And Brian is on day 2 of Whole30), and we are pretty good with household cleaning products, but I should definitely pay more attention to makeup, perfume, toiletries, sunscreen(!), etc! On that note, I am headed over to check out 100% Pure and Sophie Uliano's book! Such good advice, Andrea!

  4. I'm a big fan of natural products and try to only use organic or natural cleaners. Now I need to work on my make up. It's so hard to make that change, but can't wait to try your recommendations!! Wishing you all the best in 2014!!

  5. I also found out that the poly foam in our sofas and beds with Flame retardant chemicals causes all sorts of issues too! UGH! Oh what to do! I agree at least start with the small stuff, I have tried for years to use greener products and shampoos soap etc.. I wish they would make the simpler things more affordable for everyone! Great post, Happy New Green Year!!!

  6. I've been cleaning green for almost six years. (Norwex- link on my blog) I will never go back to using windex, pledge, fabric softeners, bleach, etc. One of my resolutions this year is to be better on eating cleaner and more pure beauty products. Thanks for your tips! That is a great book btw too. Also, Green This is a good one.

  7. Fabulous post Andrea! One of my resolutions is to take better care of myself and I am going to definitely check out the make up products you listed. I love the lip colors you posted...they look like colors I would wear.

    Definitely interested in some of your recipes! I am so bad about cooking now because I have to "speed cook" in 30 minutes or less and while I don't buy pre-prepared things, I tend to make a lot of casseroles with soups or other fast and easy things that are not very healthy.

  8. I love this! Thanks for all the tips! My current skin care line is amazing, Tata harper (Neiman's sells her stuff), its all organic and it works so nicely. I do use some household products that are natural but will look into your products to just do them all. As for make-up...yours are so beautifully packaged! I will investigate them. Thanks Andrea! What a wonderful resolution. All the best to you in 2014!

  9. So glad you posted this. I'm a big believer in natural products and am eager to try out some of your suggestions. Healthy eating is the hardest thing for me to keep up as I'm a very lazy cook, if you have any easy healthy receipts I'd love to hear them.

  10. Ooooh, I have to try some of this stuff Andrea! I'm not so good at being conscious about the products which I put on my body everyday, and I'm glad you posted about it! CHEERS to a healthier and lovelier 2014 dear!!!!!

  11. Thanks for sharing your clean products that you use! For me the hardest thing to find has been reasonably priced clean make up, and so far, 100% Pure looks to have a ton of options. Would love to hear about more products that you have found that work. I have always wondered about the Dr. Bronner's products, and now they carry them in Target so I guess I will have to try them! I am also trying to be cleaner this new year!


  12. Thanks so much for sharing this. I really need to pay more attention to the chemicals that I put into my body and clean with. Thanks for an eye-opening post.

  13. the first ingredient of your rosebud salve is petrolatum


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