Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Carleton Varney's Growing Wild

As you know, I am a huge fan of Carleton Varney, and I am positively obsessed with his amazing "Carleton V" fabrics... So naturally, I am wild for "Growing Wild," a colorful, hand-screen print from 1975 that was so wildly popular in its day, it was reissued in 2011. Carleton Varney designed it himself with a nod to the vibrant, lager-than-life prints for which his mentor Dorothy Draper was known...

In Spring 2011, the genius Eddie Ross designed a windowfront for Carleton V, featuring Growing Wild... This behind the scenes blog post is positively adorable, complete with a fictional inhabitant "Hampton," a successful young New York publicist who winters in Palm Beach... 

Hampton is just about to dash before she glances at her phone...

This dress will be perfect, she thinks, smoothing her hand over the soft fabric of its neck. It was her mother's. 

A wave of hope washes over her...he remembered. 

Quickly, Hampton reaches for her favorite bracelet, dabs on the Chanel, and goes.

Eddie Ross loves Growing Wild... He used it here for a heavenly tablescape! 
Image via Stylebeat

Image via Stylebeat

You may recall my friend Michelle, whose fabulous Palm Beach Chic home I featured here. She found these exquisite Growing Wild panels at an estate sale! 

Growing Wild in the lobby of the Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs, Arkansas - Designed by Dorothy Draper and refurbished by Carleton Varney. Image via Eddie Ross

Mr. Varney also used Growing Wild in Ethel Merman's NYC apartment. Image via Houses in My Heart

Growing Wild pillows, available via Etsy.

Inspired by Mr. Varney's "Family Decorator" article for the Palm Beach Daily News, I designed this board via Polyvore.

What is your favorite Carleton Varney/Dorothy Draper pattern? Our house is covered with them, so stay tuned for more!


  1. I love learning so much. Now I'm obsessed with this print. I really love it. And your friend is so lucky to have found those panels!!

  2. Gorgeous! I love them all. Cannot wait to see more of your home.

  3. You've got me thinking spring. I loved that post by Eddie. Thanks for the beautiful pics!

  4. Now thats a punch of color and print! Very fun!!

  5. Gorgeous! So Palm Beach-y! I am hoping to see The Colony Hotel decorated by Carleton V when I am down next month! xoxo

  6. I love how much you know, you are like my secret weapon. :) Thanks for sharing. And don't you just love Eddie?! :)

  7. adore carlton everything + that print is stunning.

  8. Am I mental that I've never heard of growing wild?!?! I LOVE it! And your board is fabulous! XO

  9. Oh my gosh! I am in love with this fabric.

  10. Oh, how fabulous! I love Carltons work about as much as DDs! I think we should organize a Draper weekend at the Greenbriar for obsessed bloggers!!!!

  11. absolutely beautiful! I love the bold color and whimsey found in the flowers. The window design is perfection, I love it as wallpaper and those striped drapes just top it all off. Perfect for spring, makes me want to reupholster everything in my living room (if only it were that easy!)

  12. I'm desperately craving spring! This was so timely and inspiring, Andrea. Wild and wonderful. Who can resist such beautiful year-round blooms?
    Stay fabulous!

  13. So pretty! I love that fabric as panels. It just adds so much fun color!


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