Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Pink Homes of Palm Beach

After spending the day in Palm Beach and losing count of all the pink homes and buildings, I decided a post on the subject was in order. Being a girly girl, I personally love pink homes. However, I would never have dreamed of painting my home in Dallas pink (even when I was single, and my "bachelorette pad" had an original 1950s Barbie pink kitchen... more on that later.) It would have have looked completely out of place. But here in Florida, pink homes are very appropriate, much to my delight! And I'm guessing you would be hard-pressed to find more pink homes per capita than in Palm Beach.

Joe Davis at the JPD School of Design in Palm Beach concurs. In fact, he has written this trusty guide to determining a suitable exterior paint color for your home, based on your region. "When in Palm Beach you want to feel like you're in Palm Beach, riiiight?" Davis says in support of tropical pink homes.  Yes, please! With hues ranging from Pepto to Salmon, let's take a virtual tour...

Addison Mizner's El Mirasol 

A newer construction on Chilean Avenue for sale

This 1928 home located on Golfview was built by Marion Sims Wyeth and is available for sale

I have written before about this Mizner masterpiece... This amazing preservation is also on the market

Another Mizner for sale, built in 1924, on Chilean Avenue. 

I covet this 1924 Mediterranean, located on Brazilian Avenue next door to the Brazilian Court Hotel

A beautiful 1925 Mediterranean for sale on Australian Avenue 

Ivana Trump's oceanfront Mediterranean mansion on Jungle Road

This 1935 Pink Bermuda Georgian was built by Marion Sims Wyeth, and is for sale.   

 Back in June, I wrote about this 1949 Marion Sims Wyeth home for sale in Palm Beach.  It was listed for $4.4M and sold for $2.35M, according to Zillow.  

I wrote about this 1936 home on Pendleton Avenue in June as well. It was on the market for $1.89M which given the size is a bargain for Palm Beach, but according to Zillow the listing appears to have been pulled. Hmmm....

You can tour inside this incredible Bermuda-style home, owned by designer Robin Weiss and featured in Traditional home, here

Victoria Amory's former Brazilian Avenue home, built in 1916, via the Palm Beach Daily News. This home was also featured on the cover of Palm Beach Entertaining: Creating Occasions to Remember.

The exterior of The Colony Hotel was painted Wolcott Salmon from the Dorothy Draper/Carleton Varney Paint Collection for Fine Paints of Europe.  

What are your thoughts on pink homes? We painted our South Florida home white, but I kind of wish we had painted it pink! 


  1. Andrea,
    This is one of the most endearing posts to date. I love the emotional response I have to pink homes. I really feel they represent Florida in a unique and special way! Image after image one more beautiful than the next...

  2. Such beautiful houses, I would buy the Traditional Homes one, four from the end.

  3. I just love looking at pink houses. I am not sure I could paint mine pink (in Florida).

  4. Pale peachy pink perfection!! What fun, couldnt do it myself but I love the look of it!!

  5. I loved these homes....I really like the pink. I would be happy living in any of these....I bet your white home is spectacular. I'm glad I get to see more of it on Wed!

  6. I love these and enjoyed looking at the I really can't wait to get down to PB in a few weeks!! Have a fabulous week, Andrea!! xoxo

  7. Pepto for me please!!!!! Just loved this post and loved reading it again!!!!! XXOO 😘

  8. Yes please!!!!! I will take the Palm Beach Entertaining book house! Love this post!!!! :) :) :)

  9. sweet homes posted i like all designs , actually i want to buy a new home thats why searching a beautiful and green home have selected a home please take a look and review it Image source it's looking great. what you guys think?


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