Saturday, April 12, 2014

Lilly Pulitzer Sale via Rue La La!

Lilly lovers... Rue La La is featuring a Lilly Pulitzer gifts sale! Can you guess which "Lucky Charms" storage solution I purchased for my One Room Challenge? Hurry over to Rue La La ASAP... this sale is only open for three days, and quantities are limited!


  1. Thanks for the tip, Andrea. I just stocked up, and I’m betting on a tray or storage bins for your office. The desk sets are a must, too.

  2. UGH! I literally just bought last week a bunch of items. If I had only waited...

  3. Hello my friend!
    Just had to come by and thank you so much for sending me that link to my exact wicker elephant bar. I knew it was special but it is always nice to get confirmation.
    I did a post today linking back to YOU!
    By the way, your blog is one of my favorites these days! Keep up the great work. Your passion is infectious!!!
    Thanks again.

  4. I discovered that Swoozies carries a whole line of Lilly things...perfect for Little Miss A's birthday...but I need to check out this sale. Thanks for the heads up!


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