clas·​sic | \ ˈkla-sik  \

a: serving as a standard of excellence: of recognized value

• classic literary works
• a classic case study


• classic designs

c: characterized by simple tailored lines in fashion year after year

• a classic suit

our story

For over a decade, The Glam Pad has celebrated the classics in interior design, fashion, entertaining, books, and lifestyle. In an ever changing world, we believe classics have withstood the test of time for a reason. What are a few of our favorite things? All things Mario Buatta, Dorothy Draper, and Rose Cumming. Chintz, chintz, and more chintz. Historic homes. The perfect little black dress. Chanel No. 5. Charm bracelets and pearls. Black and white movies. Jane Austen novels. Needlepoint pillows. Emily Post. We are on a mission to bring back Old School Glamour!

The Glam Pad is a world-recognized online magazine that features tours of beautiful homes and gardens, interviews with top interior designers throughout the United States and abroad, reviews of new design books, and profiles on tastemakers who embody the #verytgp lifestyle. We also share examples of how to live elegantly with pets, shopping and holiday gift guides, tips from leading experts on topics such as letter writing and manners for the modern world, and much more.

We invite you to escape into our world of beauty as we strive to preserve the elegance and traditions of bygone eras. Please sign up for our e-newsletter and join our 200K followers on Instagram and 100K followers on Pinterest as we share daily inspiration related to tradition, glamour, and all things classic (i.e. #verytgp).


Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Some of Andrea’s favorite childhood memories are from her grandparents’ jewelry store in West Texas, particularly in helping set the “Bride’s Table” to display registry selections. When Andrea turned thirteen, her grandmother began building her collection of the family silver pattern, Grande Baroque, which today is one of her most cherished possessions. Andrea’s passion for beautiful homes also began at an early age. While most teenagers were busy reading Seventeen, she was poring over shelter magazines and luxury real estate featured in Unique Homes magazine. After graduating from Southern Methodist University, she embarked upon a 14-year career in marketing and public relations. Andrea created The Glam Pad in 2012 as a hobby to explore her passion for interior design, and also to connect with other like-minded individuals. Today, TGP has grown into a trusted and world-renowned outlet for the design community around the world.

From interiors to fashion, Andrea is a firm believer in timeless classic style. She also adores a generous dose of English sensibility, Southern charm, Old Hollywood glamour, and Palm Beach whimsy. A Turner Classic Movies addict, Andrea is inspired by the elegance depicted in old movies from the 1930s through 1960s and pines for the days one “dressed for dinner” donning an evening gown or tuxedo. Andrea is passionate about historic preservation, antiques, and “old-fashioned” traditions such as needlepoint, charm bracelets, handwritten letters, and of course, sterling silver patterns. A seventh generation Texan, Andrea resides in Dallas with her husband, son, rescue Chihuahua and French Bulldog.


Managing Director

From an early age, Jenny’s Caulk late mother introduced her to the world of antiques and shared a love for travel, historical books, period films - and dogs. Jenny’s late father taught her the value of honesty, kindness, hard work, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Together, they taught her to find beauty in all things - and that a home is not just a house, it’s a haven. In 2015 a Cavalier King Charles puppy named Cooper stole Jenny’s heart and home, and rather quickly, she learned that living with a pet isn’t always conducive to creating the “picture perfect” rooms featured on The Glam Pad. Unfortunately, she couldn’t find stylish and functional products for people and pets.  Stepping down from a global marketing and branding career allowed her to start designing all the products she wanted but couldn’t find. In 2019 her dream of launching Fursatile became a reality. Fursatile offers a new approach to “living beautifully” by creating and curating products that enhance and elevate the connection between people and pets. Fursatile quickly developed a loyal following, even gaining the attention of Oprah in her coveted O List: Pet Edition, House Beautiful, The Scout Guide, and Virginia Living Magazine. Jenny joined The Glam Pad in 2022 as the Managing Director. She will build collaborative relationships with designers, tastemakers, and brands, focus on building a renewed community for TGP followers, oversee exciting new projects, and work with Andrea to define strategy and achieve exponential growth.


Contributing Editor

Developing an eye for beauty at a young age, Natalie Aldridge spent much of her childhood exploring her artistic ability through drawing, sewing, and anything else she could get her hands on. Old Hollywood movies such as White Christmas, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and Funny Face helped to solidify her passion for classical vernacular and glamour. Combining her love for old-world glamour and eccentric characters, Natalie’s style is both elegant and irreverent.

At eighteen Natalie moved to New York for university where she graduated from Parsons School of Design. Originally she thought she would work in fashion or even become a fashion designer but as her interests grew her love for interiors began to take over.

An old soul, Natalie began her career in design working for the famed John Rosselli Antiques while in school. She then went on to work for the notable firm of Scott Sanders Interior Design while simultaneously honing her skills and fostering personal projects. This work led Natalie to her current position as senior designer and project manager at Studio Magness.

Natalie’s deep affection for design across many industries also led her to develop where she has set out to create cross-pollinating conversations on design through interviews and other musings. This in part led Natalie to The Glam Pad as a contributing editor, providing an outlet for discovery and an opportunity to impart a sense of glamour to others.



Originally from the Northshore of Boston, MA, Jackie Lappin is currently a Junior at Southern Methodist University studying Marketing and Spanish. While Jackie is just getting her feet wet in the professional world of interiors as an intern at The Glam Pad, she has had an affinity for design ever since she was little. One of her earliest influences was her Grandmother, who filled her home with pieces from travels all over the world, while managing a seemingly perfect fusion of eclectic modernism and a traditional timelessness. Whether Jackie is helping to redecorate space of a friend or family member or working on a visual presentation in school, she channels the artistry of her Grandmother. Her style inherits characteristics from noticing the world around her, which often includes coastal, Western, and Caribbean influences, and while she loves elevating a room or work with a new, whimsical pop, she is always focused on how to keep things classic at the core.



Tate Lissaur is currently a senior at Southern Methodist University studying Marketing and Creative Advertising. Growing up in Orange County, California, she quickly gained an appreciation for the cultivated beauty in life through design. From fashion to interiors, Tate is infatuated with how beauty can be interpreted to create and foster various aesthetics. Her deep admiration for stunning interiors was piqued through the talent of designers such as Kelly Wearstler and her eccentric California-inspired spaces, Ellen Kavanaugh’s chic Palm Beach flair, and the iconic blue and white interiors of Mark D. Sikes. These designers influenced her respect for classic interiors coupled with unique and thoughtful accents, making them truly one of a kind. Tate’s passion for creativity and design ultimately led her to explore marketing and advertising. Previous internships at luxury retail brand P.J. Salvage and with Noora Bass of Sotheby’s International Realty exposed her to the world of fashion and real estate, allowing her to gain experience in product branding through social media. As her interest in design grows each day, Tate now embarks as an Intern at The Glam Pad where she can be found channeling her love of classic interiors through the company’s Instagram and Pinterest accounts.

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