Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Valentine from Carleton Varney: Signature Scarf Giveaway!

Just in time for Valentine's Day, I am delighted to partner with Carleton Varney in a special giveaway! Three lucky followers of The Glam Pad will win a Carleton Varney signature silk scarf, with three designs from which to choose, including the Chapel scarf, designed for The Greenbrier

Here is a closer look each design... 

The Carleton Chapel Scarf was designed as part of the opening of the new Greenbrier chapel in 2015. Carleton designed the interior, including the gorgeous stained glass windows on which the scarf design is based.  

Carlton Varney is one of America's most renowned and iconic interior designers, known for his use of bright colors, floral patterns, and color contrasts. He has led the restoration and decoration of countless hotels and resorts all over the world, and his client roster includes luminaries from President Jimmy Carter to the late Joan Crawford. In addition to his interior designs, Varney is known for his wide range of books, products, fabrics, and exquisite scarf designs. He has designed scarves for numerous United States Presidents and First Ladies as well as landmark hotels. And today, Varney is never without his signature scarf-worn-as-tie.

Carleton Varney pictured at The Greenbrier wearing his signature scarf knotted at the throat in lieu of a tie. 

The scarves are also beautiful framed... 

Framed scarves at The Greenbrier, via Let the Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore

Entry Details:
This giveaway is taking place on Instagram, so if you don't have an Instagram account, now is the time to join! Please click here for entry details. The event closes February 14, and winners will be announced on the 15th. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Inside the Home of Paige Minear - The Pink Clutch

My friend Paige Minear from The Pink Clutch was profiled the other day by Ends in Style, and you won't want to miss her home tour! I am such a huge fan of Paige's preppy Palm Beach style. Here are a few highlights... Photography by Christina Wedge.

You may recall I featured Paige's home decked out for the holidays here. I cannot get enough! For more of her home tour, please visit Ends in Style and follow Paige on Instagram and through her blog, The Pink Clutch.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Timeless Glamour in Atlanta

As a self-professed real estate stalker, I love looking at homes for sale throughout the country, and I consistently find the most beautiful homes in the the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta. Atlanta is a city that appreciates and celebrates its historic homes, and it is home to some of the nation's most talented interior designers.

Built in 1929, this magnificent Georgian beauty, Bellmonde, has me ready to move! It was painstakingly renovated with careful attention to preserving the architectural elements of its past. A total of 20 Palladian doors open onto inviting patios overlooking the exquisite terraced garden, making it ideal for gracious Southern-style entertaining. Let's take a look inside...

Isn't the architectural detail incredible? This home is absolute perfection, and I could move right in! It features 5,520 square feet, four bedrooms, and four and a half baths. You can see more here.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Palm Beach Classic

Luxe magazine recently featured this beautiful Regency-style Palm Beach home transformed by interior designer Gil Walsh. I love the classic detail, the blue and white, and splashes of red and coral...

"Every room needs a touch of red,” said Walsh. “... It’s an anchor color, like a neutral, but it adds a little bit of zest.” So fresh and timeless! Don't you agree? To see more of this beautiful home, please visit Luxe magazine.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Meredith Miller Style & Design

Recently, I discovered Meredith "Diff" Miller via Instagram, and I quickly realized we were kindred spirits. Meredith is a Director of Merchandising at Lilly Pulitzer by day, and by night she is an incredible interior designer with a passion for Palm Beach. After spending over a decade in the fast-paced Manhattan fashion industry, in 2012 she moved to Philladelphia's Main Line for a life change. Today, Meredith lives with her husband in the most charming 1950s stone Colonial that she has decorated to perfection. Let's take a look inside her home and recent projects, and get to know Meredith better through a Q&A she and I conducted.

Images originally from Glitter Guide/Society Social. Photography by Lawrence Te. Meredith had only lived in this home for six months when these pictures were taken! 

Q: You have established an esteemed career in the fashion industry. How did this influence your passion for interior design, and how did you decide to create your own business?

A: I’ve always had an appreciation for the “visual”... I majored in Art History at college. Whether is is putting an outfit (or line) together or creating a space, it’s always been something that has been both my version of excitement and challenge! I fell into both my career and business... neither were what I set out to do but when you are doing what you love, it’s not work!

Q:  Who or what inspires you the most?

A:   I’m inspired by so many things tangible - people, art, color, pattern! I’m also inspired by the intangible - passion, drive, and persistence... Everything is intertwined.

Q:  How does your work at Lilly Pulitzer inspire your interior designs?

A:  I am a HUGE fan of print and color in the home and always have been.... Lucky for me that I am surrounded by such inspiration on a daily basis. Who doesn’t want to live the lifestyle that Lilly exudes - happy, carefree, and fun!!

Q:  We share a mutual passion for Palm Beach. When did you fall in love, and how often to you visit?

A:  Palm Beach is a unique place - so much history and elegance but so modern and chic! There is a timelessness to the town that is so intriguing and mysterious. I am down there for work (slash I love it) at least four times and year and try to get down as often as I can.

Q:  What brought you to Pennsylvania’s Main Line, and how long have you lived in Bryn Mawr?

A:  I have been living on the Main Line since 2012.  I am a Philly native but grew up “on the other side of the river” (different suburbs).  My husband is a Bryn Mawr boy...  I moved down from NYC in 2012 for a life switch. I was nervous about moving to the burbs from NYC, but there are FAB options for everything on the Main line… same options as NYC, just more convenient because I have a car!

Q:  Tell me more about your beautiful home. What year was it built, and did you do any renovations?

A:  Our home was built in 1955. We live in a neighborhood that is darling and just what you want out of life in the suburbs - picture stone Colonials with white picket fences (no fences but you get the gist!) Most of the houses have been built upon and the owners have been there for years. We are one of the few original structures and one day hope to build! We have redone our kitchen, basement and are in talks to build a portico over our front door. We have repainted and/or wallpapered every room (and sometimes twice already!)

Meredith and her husband Rob.

Q:  How did you go about decorating? Any tips?

A:  When I start thinking of a room, I start with a foundation - It can be a color, piece of furniture, art, etc… it is the non-negotiable for the room that I build upon. I like layers so I let things happen as they do - it’s a bit organic but I think that yields a better end result than starting with a completely set plan... I also prefer mixing old with new as it helps to add depth. My motto is: bring it on. It’s your home so as long you like it, do it. I also like to make sure there is an emotional connection to the design - it helps bring it to life and add dimension!

Q:  How would you describe your personal style? How is this reflected in your wardrobe and in your home?

A:  My personal style reflects my home and/or vice versa. I love color and print. I also like trend but make sure there is a level of classic.

Q:  What are your favorite hobbies?

A:  I wish I had more hobbies… In my free time (which is limited) I like to get fresh air and enjoy life (which can be a lot of things!)

Meredith's home via Instagram.

Here is more of Meredith's recent work... 

Meredith "Diff" Miller

Such a talented lady! Thank you, Meredith, for letting us enjoy your bright and colorful world! To learn more about Meredith's interior design and styling services, please click here
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