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Written by Natalie Aldridge.

In pursuit of her enduring fascination with decor and exquisite environments, Rhiannon Hageman embarked upon a journey into interior design, driven by years of inspiration. Embracing her unwavering zeal, she sought out formal training to elevate her craft to new heights. Endowed with an innate knack for harmonizing sophistication with approachability, Rhiannon revels in the artful interplay of hues, patterns, vintage treasures, and organic textures, seamlessly weaving them into her designs. With a keen eye for detail and a penchant for storytelling through spaces, she crafts environments that transcend trends, gracefully enduring the trials of time.

All Photography by Will Reid Photo

Drawing inspiration from her travels, the boundless imagination of her children, and the illustrious legacy of design luminaries past, Rhiannon finds beauty in the everyday minutiae. Each project becomes a canvas upon which these influences converge, resulting in spaces that resonate with soul and sophistication alike.

Rhiannon co-founded Hageman Homes & Interiors alongside her husband, Travis Hageman. With a career spanning over 12 years, Travis is formally trained in Construction Engineering and Project Management. Possessing a profound understanding of the intricate dance between engineering, architecture, construction, and project management, he brings forth a unique blend of insight, making him the perfect partner in design endeavors. Based in Oakville, Ontario, the pair meticulously craft custom homes and timeless interiors uniquely tailored to reflect the essence of each client.

Welcome, Rhiannon!

Q: When and how did you first become interested in interior design?

A: As my mother’s interior designer reminds me often “you cared about the wallpaper selection at 3 years old!”. I have always been extremely creative, first in music as an opera singer and then later with design. After the birth of our son Henry, I was absolutely desperate for a creative outlet. Travis (my husband and business partner) and I had dreamed about building homes together when we were retired, and my parents urged us to just go for it. They knew I had a creative gifting (thankfully Travis also had years in the construction industry) and needed to find somewhere to put that energy. I completed a very basic diploma program online to get my feet wet and then jumped head first into our first project – a large build Travis and I undertook together to create a portfolio. I have loved every minute since, it is what I am meant to be doing. Our business has grown and changed since that day but ultimately the goal has stayed the same – to build beautiful homes and interiors for our clients to enjoy for generations.

Q: How do you define your style?

A: My aesthetic is less about a certain style and far more about capturing emotion or feeling. I feel very blessed to have grown up in a beautiful, loving home and that is something I try to build into every project. The sense of security a collected home brings is a wonderful gift. In a few words, it’s classic, layered, soulful and deeply personal.

Q: What designers inspire you?

A: My dearest girlfriends, all over North America, who lift me up, answer the questions I don’t know, teach me and encourage me both in life and work. I have been so blessed by the generosity of this industry. Numerous designers have shared their resources, business skills and encouragement with me and that has shaped my business immensely. There are also so many beautiful designers from the past I have learned from studying their work – Albert Hadley, Frances Elkins, and Robert Kime to name a few favourites. Being self taught has meant studying in order to learn and train my own eye, something I deeply enjoy.

Q: How do you describe your personal style and where do you find inspiration?

A: My personal style is a balance of elegance and ease. I love to surround myself and our children with beautiful things but constantly remind them things are never too precious to be enjoyed, lived in, spilt on, chipped etc. – this is the English blood in me I think! I love colour, specifically muted and muddy pastels and am always surrounding myself with those. I feel quite comfortable in edited clutter and thankfully so does Travis!

Q: Do you have any favorite go-to paints, wallpapers, linens, artists, etc.?

A: I often select paint from Farrow and Ball or Donald Kaufman Colour because the colour selections are just so beautiful and already edited for you. I love textiles, especially English fabric houses such as Bennison, Robert Kime and George Spencer.

Q: Where do you enjoy sourcing antiques and art?

A: I can’t lie – 1st Dibs is an incredible resource. I am not specific and trust my own gut instinct when it comes to what I like or don’t like. Often our clients come with beautiful collections we get to work with. For art, I love a great mix. I think contemporary art and photography is a wonderful way to shake up my very traditional aesthetic.

Q: What are you working on next that we can look forward to?

A: We have started taking and traveling for larger projects all over North America – working at a distance poses its own challenges but it brings us great joy to connect with families in all areas, during all walks of life, and build them beautiful spaces. Travis has been studying with the ICAA and will soon be writing exams locally so that he can stamp architectural drawings. His passion is truly classical architecture and I am overjoyed to see him pursue it, and for what it means for our clients.

Q: What has been the most challenging (and the most rewarding) part of developing
your business?

A: Developing our business, while working together as husband and wife, raising two young babies, has come with many challenges. Understanding how to run a design build business
took time, so did learning the more technical skills of design. Building a career which honestly I never though I would have has been so rewarding – and building it with Travis at my side has been the ultimate gift. We are wonderful partners both in life and work. Every time we see the joy our work brings to clients, it is incredible. Ultimately, finding a job that never feels like work is something I will be forever grateful for.

Q: What are your favorite China and silver patterns?

A: I have recently started collecting Royal Copenhagen Blue Fluted Lace pieces. For silver – I could’t tell you, all the sets we have are antique or mismatched pieces from my grandmother!

Q: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

A: I love to spend time with our children, our friends and our family. We entertain a lot at home – I love to set the table and plan the event and Travis executes while I chit chat. I love to cook and bake with my children, walk with my sisters and mom and we’re starting to enjoy weekends gardening in our new home! We love to travel and continually be inspired all over the world.

Rhiannon, it’s a pleasure to have you with us today! We’re absolutely enamored by your portfolio!

To learn more, please visit Hageman Homes & Interiors and follow @hagemanhomesinteriors on Instagram for ongoing inspiration.


  1. Thank you for sharing the beautiful interior photographs. Traditional, quietly elegant but not untouchable or overly precious. I especially liked seeing the shower curtain with pleats. It’s something I’ve wanted to have in my own home but haven’t seen done before.


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