Collecto’s Inaugural Tabletop Trunk Show, Nantucket by Design, and Marvelous Moiré

Welcome to TGP Tidbits where we round up the happenings and our musings of the design industry each week. This week we take a look at Collecto’s Inaugural Tabletop Trunk Show, Nantucket by Design, and marvelous moiré. Written by Natalie Aldridge.

Collecto’s Inaugural Tabletop Trunk Show

The Glam Pad is well-versed in the art of crafting stunning tablescapes, yet the task of assembling the perfect china and entertaining wares can sometimes feel daunting. Enter Collecto: the pinnacle of sophistication in wedding registry and homeware. With a carefully curated selection of treasures from emerging talents and established icons, each collection embodies timeless craftsmanship, heritage, and impeccable design. Whether it’s an intimate gathering or everyday indulgence, Collecto promises to elevate dining experiences and transform living spaces into realms of refined elegance.


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 Founded by Federika Longinotti Buitoni, Collecto reflects her global sensibilities, shaped by a Latin American upbringing and European influences. Federika’s expertise, honed at Moda Operandi in New York City, ensures couples an unmatched registry experience and offers designers bespoke services. Based in Miami, Collecto invites you to discover a world where luxury and design harmoniously converge.

On May 2nd, Collecto will be joining forces with tastemaker Maison Carlyle for an inaugural tabletop trunk show. Taking place from in Montreal, there will be a delightful array of tabletop essentials for Spring and Summer from a selection of Collecto’s beloved brands.


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Nantucket by Design

Anticipation is mounting for this year’s Nantucket by Design—an homage to design artistry and the very essence of Nantucket itself! Melding creativity, culture, and expert craftsmanship, the event exudes sophistication as it pays tribute to the island’s illustrious heritage. Now entering its ninth year, Nantucket by Design illuminates the spectrum of design, reaffirming its dedication to preserving Nantucket’s legacy while supporting the Nantucket Historical Association.

Themed ‘Craftsmanship,’ this year’s event guarantees an immersive journey, offering four days brimming with captivating discussions, enlightening panels, and hands-on workshops. Drawing design luminaries from across the globe, the occasion amplifies the island’s historic charm. Notable highlights on the docket include an exclusive opening night party at a local’s private haven, a design luncheon featuring the esteemed Aerin Lauder and Mark D. Sikes, and a panel discussion on the art of blending antiques and vintage with none other than Mary McDonald, Miles Redd, David Kaihoi, and Keita Turner.

Mary McDonald
Miles Redd

Set to take place July 15th to the 18th, Nantucket by Design will not be an event to miss for all design lovers alike. Be certain to purchase your tickets here before they are all gone.

Marvelous Moiré

Moiré is currently experiencing a resurgence, much to our delight. Derived from the French verb “moirer,” meaning “to produce a watered textile by weaving or pressing,” it boasts an unpredictable rippling pattern. A longstanding fashion staple, it has graced regal courts and modern ballrooms for centuries, remaining a timeless addition to interior spaces. Traditionally crafted from silk, its inherent sheen enhances its water-like allure.

Goehring Museum of Vancouver, Evening Dress, c. 1863

In recent months, we’ve witnessed the revival of this historic and extravagant fabric in both interiors and fashion. This resurgence may be attributed to a contemporary fascination with classic style or even the aesthetic associated with affluence—think “old money style.” Another contributing factor could be modern production techniques that eliminate the need for expensive silk. Viscose has now become the preferred material for moiré, undergoing a process involving moistening and calendaring through patterned rollers under high temperature and pressure, resulting in a glossy-matte appearance. This not only enhances its appeal but also its durability, making moiré an ideal choice for upholstery and wall coverings. It brings opulence and refinement to spaces without straining budgets.

We’re enamored with the delicate yet glamorous essence of moiré. It exudes a solid sophistication while offering a hint of intrigue with its distinctive wood-like grain. Check out the video below for a fascinating glimpse into the process.


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