Château de Morsan is for Sale

Nestled in the midst of the forests of Normandy, France is the elegant and romantic Château de Morsan, one of the few remaining folies in France. It was originally built around 1760 as a hunting lodge by the Marquis de Morsan, a confidant to Louis XV, for the King’s visit. The architect was Ange-Jacque Gabriel who was also the architect of the petit Trianaon at Versailles and the Folie of Madame de Pompadour, the mistress of the King.

The current owners saved the abandoned dwelling and embarked upon a highly documented 10-year restoration dedicated to preservation of the architectural integrity of the era. Images from the real estate listing and past media coverage, including The World of Interiors, are below.  At the end is detailed information the owner graciously provided with all of the inside scoop regarding the sale of this national monument… Enjoy!

The exterior facade of the house reflects a French Rococo architectural style.
Some of the furnishings, textiles, and colors at the chateau are of the Rococo period, but most are in the Neoclassical style that was popular under the reign of Louis XVI.
The dramatic parlor features 14-foot ceilings and graceful glass doors overlooking fields of wheat.
Paint and fabrics were selected based on the owner’s studies and extensive knowledge of 18th-century art and textiles.
The home has been featured extensively in publications such as The World of Interiors.

“The cellar kitchen dates from the fifteen hundreds… fireplace, ovens, all of the decoration,” said the homeowner. “Right across from it there is a modest modern kitchen, that no one sees, to prepare the food. People who visit cannot believe it.”


This is a once-a-lifetime-opportunity to own an incredible piece of French history! Additional information can be found via Handsome Properties International. The chateau is listed for €1,000,000. Additional details, provided by the homeowner for this feature, are below…

“The house is a national monument, a summer house, not built for all seasons.  There are two Renaissance towers, standing and three stables, all needing to be restored, and the windows and shutters on the house should be replaced by double glass, etc.  The roof which is slate, needs rebuilding, as it is original, that can be done correctly with slate for around 200,000 euros.  It has a nice servants cottage and quite a lot of land, it is very safe and protected there, two hours from Paris, and no one could find it.  The land is quite fertile for growing vegetables, flowers, and herbs, and there is a very choice parcel of land with trees to build a large guest house, There are about nine or 10 acres, and is great for horses, it is horse country.  It has everything.
 With a good and responsible buyer who loves the l8th Century, and period furniture, the house can be sold more or less furnished at a very reasonable price.  The furnishings are the right period for the house, so it could be sold furnished or semi furnished, to the right person.
A lovely couple reside onsite as caretakers. We have known their family for years, and the young man can do everything, he is very skilled and diversified, and does extra projects.  She is very artistic, and keeps the house up. 
It has important wood paneling and fireplaces, and it should not be changed or damaged,  We can not sell the property to anyone who would destroy any of the original details, it has been maintained for nearly 300 years, and is a summer house.  Central heating can be revived, there are radiators that function, and the plumbing should be brought up to date. This is not a house for the faint hearted, it is for a French history buff, and someone who wants to live in the beauty and charm of the l8th Century.  It is a romance with the past, and absolutely incredible in the summer… let’s say to die over… and absolutely unique. There are less than six of these l8th Century folies left in the country.”


  1. Double Wow. The full French decor was in full action at this petit maison. I wonder if sheep come with the property. I would love to read the follow up story on this gorgeous place. Just Wow

  2. Brilliant restoration. The place is to die for. A bit remote, perhaps. Closer to Paris the price would double. But such a spectacular place will surely find a suitable new owner. I’ve always held this place in special regard since I first saw it in World of Interiors. Thanks for posting, Andrea.

    • Hi Mark, would you have the contact of the current owners? I would be extremely interested in seeing the property and am trying to find a way to get in touch with them. thanks so very much. Kind regards, Jorn

  3. Absolutely LOVE this home. I am one that loves history and this house is nothing but filled with history. I am American but if I had the money I would want to buy this house and make it my home and keep it as it is and continue to do any restoration that it needed. I would not want to build a guest cottage. I would want to keep the land as original as possible also. I hope someone that buys it has the romance and love this house requires.

  4. This is my perfect house! Some of my ancestors came from France. Our family name is Robart”. If any one thinks they would like to donate to My ownership, of this place, Lol, I would not change a thing.

  5. I have been reading, watching, and visiting European Period History for a while now. And, Now, I’m in a position to buy, once other properties are sold at a reasonable price. Schooling is an issue for my children. And another problem is the Brexit, which I oppose. Unfortunately, it is out of my hands until clear rights of British citizens are negotiated between the EU and Britain. If it is still on offer, I may well be able to have liquidised my assets by then. Let me know..

  6. Gorgeous property!! I especially love the bright green entryway which was the color of the affluent during the period and was a grand statement of wealth. For some reason there looks like there’s a ghostly face in the doorway kitchen photograph.

  7. Oh Chateau de Morsan…the chateau that 18th century dreams are made of. From the moment I saw it online in 2010 to the day I discovered it there in the Normandy countryside and befriended its humble caretaker in 2012, I’ve been in love with it. I walked it’s oh so very cold corridors and grand salons (in April no less ) barefooted, so as not to bring in any dirt or mud from the outside. You are a magnificent folie de amour that deserves an owner that will actually love you, instead of treating you as an historical theatrical set for their own amusement. The owner is correct in saying, it’s not for the faint of heart. It needs work…Whoever buys it needs deep pockets and patience. Hopefully they’ll be an 18th century French history loving American like myself.

  8. All these foreigners trying to buy a French Chateau …. don’t they realize that they look so out of place in a French environment ?

  9. I don’t think I have actually gasped at an interior before, however, that period kitchen got me!!!!

    To those who are belittling those “foreigners” who expressed an interest in the Chateau de Morsan, I would ask you what your reasoning is. Certainly, a person of another nationality would most probably be known as a “foreigner,” but if that person has the commitment to continue the restorations on the property, I can’t see what the downside is, unless, of course, you object to “foreigners” on “principle.” As for wanting to pretend they are French, I think they might be interested in the lifestyle of the French. That is a compliment to the French and their culture. And, of course, as with most countries, the money spent by “foreigners” is very much needed to continue many programs the government and people find important.
    And, by the way, who of us are not truly, way back in the mists of time, “foreigners?”

  10. Legacy for any person/family, coming from or to any country is of utmost importance. Deepest appreciation to whomever purchases this important piece of architectural and familial work of art and history. And thank you Glam Pad for bringing architectural wonders such as this to our attention. It matters very much to update and become custodians passed on to the next generations. This is not for someone looking for a McManse.


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