20 Hallmarks of Grandmillennial Style

The Glam Pad has written extensively about the latest design “trend” identified by House Beautiful in 2019… Actually, it isn’t a trend at all, but a wave of “Grandmillennials,” identified as the mid-20s to late-30s generation, who “have an affinity for design trends considered by mainstream culture to be ‘stuffy’ or ‘outdated’ — Laura Ashley prints, ruffles, embroidered linens…”

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we just have to share this fabulous article from House & Home touting the rise of Grandmillennial Style. (We are also delighted to have been referenced!) For those of us who love traditional design, this is just such exciting news. This movement has been growing for some time now, but now that we are all confined to our homes, more than ever we want to create a beautiful sanctuary. House & Home says, “In a time of growing global unease, this comforting style is a small panacea for the unrest in the world. It’s also a reaction to the spare, Scandi minimalist aesthetic that, though photogenic, is somewhat generic.”

House & Home has identified 20 hallmarks of Grandmillennial Style:

House & Home

1.  Matching Layers: coordinating drapery, pleated bell lampshades and ultra-padded headboards!

2.  Velvet

3.  Grand Chandeliers: Hello sparkling crystals, goodby funky!

4.  Chintz

5.  Tufting

6.  Antiques

7.  Wicker

8.  Scenic wallpapers from Gracie, Zuber and de Gournay

9. Blue and white ginger jars

10.  Rattan

11. Floral wallpaper

12.  Gold-leaf mirrors

13.  Trellis Motifs

14.  Settees

15.  Gallery walls

16.  Armoires

17.  Collections

18.  Tropical touches

19.  Skirted sofas

20.  Sterling silver: This one is my own addition… I haven’t seen anyone really talking about it yet, but they will. This is a generation who appreciates the history and permanence of Nana’s silver. Furthermore, as we head into a recession, it is never a bad idea to have silver on hand.

Below are images from the Instagram account of Amy Berry, a poster child for the Grandmillennial movement…

This darling illustration is by artist Riley Sheehey, a Grandmillennial whose work perfectly captures the movement.

A recent article from One Kings Lane features an interview with the legendary Carleton Varney and his thoughts on the future of decorating…  After years of lamenting “young people who want fast design,” Mr. Varney finally has hope for the future generations of interior design…

“The Buatta-loving, ruffle-wearing grandmillennials are ready to take the helm and steer us into a brightly colored future, he says, though he warns that they’re up against a ‘very forceful opposite.’ Luckily, ‘there will always be a group that’s classic, and thank God they still want us to decorate for them.'”  ~Carleton Varney via One Kings Lane

Carleton Varney

Additional reading from The Glam Pad is below…


  1. My mother-in-law couldn’t give her sterling silver flatware away to any of her children. None of them wanted it — too much work, too much time spent polishing! Given the current situation, I will take out my silver and give it a nice polish up. Good thing I’ve got plenty of Cape Cod polish handy!

  2. I always am excited to open my email and see that there’s a new one from you! Now that we are staying home to help prevent the spread of the corona virus, your articles are especially appreciated. Please keep them coming! Thank you!

  3. Sheltering in place reminds us how important it is to make our nests cozy and inviting. I’m enjoying being at home and taking the opportunity to cocoon and finish a few projects that I haven’t had time for. Thanks for another good post. Hope everyone here stays well.

  4. Cheers to the Grandmillenial Style !!! So excited to see many of the younger generation begin appreciating interiors with color, antiques, crystal, silver, wallpaper and all that makes a home comfortable and welcoming with a hint of elegance. Thank you, Andrea, for your unwavering classic style and the beautiful way you keep us informed on what is ahead in the design world.

    Susan Sikes Davis
    Sikes & Davis Interiors, LLC

  5. I love love love your account so much! I am a grandmillenial at heart, doing my best to decorate in accordance with my aspirations! Could you share who creates your beautiful illustrations?

    Thank you for your wonderful blog and IG which is the escape I need in this crazy world today.

    • Hi Caroline,

      Thank you so much! 🙂 Riley Sheehey is the lovely artist whose illustration is featured in this post. You can learn more about her on Instagram @cestriley

      The Glam Pad

  6. The phrase “begin to appreciate” frustrates me so much. I’m on the higher end of the millennial train but some of us HAVE ALWAYS BEEN HERE! We’ve been studying at our mother’s knees for years, wondered what was wrong with us in our 20’s, shuddered at what passes as “trendy” now, and finally have come to a strong ownership of ourselves and what we like in our 30’s. The good silver was sold long ago to make ends meet, I have two sets of china and a growing set of transferware. The family furniture pieces I do have have been rubbed and loved. I collect trench art, antique linens, antique quilts, and old military photos. I have an appreciation of yesterday and the classics. Trust me, we’ve been here all along.

  7. i love this article. I am a through and through grand millenial. Do Monograms count as this style too? I absolutely love monogrammed bed linens. Yes family silver, china, crystal, napkins, tablecloths and manners are all grand millenials!

    In my case i love old music too – so in addition to a comfy home, i will always have some good records on my vintage player!

  8. Our daughter LOVES our Chantilly sterling! She uses ours since we moved to Lake Chapala, Mexico. We have a service for 16 and TONS of serving pieces….
    She married a wonderful fellow with ready made daughters so now with husbands, babies and boyfriends there is plenty for all! We are now moving back after 10 years but I do think we will stilll leave it at her home….maybe we’ll swap and we’ll take her 18th Century!! ?

  9. Love this article and learned so much! I’ve searched high and low trying to find the clear chandelier in the first picture and I can’t seem to find it 🙁 can you please please please let me know where to find it!? Thank you so much!


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