The Rise of “Grandmillennial” Style

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  1. Not stuffy at all, it’s simply lovely! Thank you for continuing to post such wonderful articles, this blog is a true joy to read.

  2. Refinement in decor,as in good manners, will never be out of style. One can never be too gracious in all aspects of life. Ellen Easton

    • I do so hope to see a resurgence in good manners; I teach middle school and there are days I want to weep for what they are missing.

  3. TOTALLY love this HB article! So glad “traditional” and “refined”has been resurrected. I somehow always knew (or hoped) with all my heart that the pendulum would swing back!
    THANKS Glam Pad for sharing this! Let’s hope the Grandmillennials spread like wild fire!
    Maria Cochran
    Washington DC

    • Hi Maria,

      Let’s continue to spread the word… there is strength in numbers! A huge thank you to HB for such a wonderful article!

      The Glam Pad

  4. This warms this Baby Boomers heart as well! Have been giving up hope that creative, colorful and whimsical design would be carried on. Your blog has been the last shining beacon of hope but it is shining brightly!

  5. HOORAY!! Good taste, quality, and traditional beauty is alive and well!! Please tell me the cheap and cheerful barn look goes back to the chicken coops! But not soon enough! ?
    Your blog is an exquisite example of good taste crossing over to all generations. Love that you are now feeling reaffirmed! ?

  6. I read the HB article when it came out. I cheered.

    So glad to see some pushback against the sad, naked neutrals and the devoid-of-personality rooms. Thanks for featuring the newcomers who are leading the charge.

  7. Thank goodness traditional designers are still out there. I’m with Beverly Cook above…take the farm industrial look out of what is called decorating!

  8. I think this post describes best what I love about your blog. Thank goodness there are still many out there who appreciate traditional decor.

  9. “Desecration of older homes”, you nailed it! I am thrilled to see a very much needed renaissance in decor. Hopefully these Grandmillenials will bring back some interesting decor filled with many of the finer things we have almost forgotten about. Beauty is what is missing along with the appreciation of anything old, handmade, pretty or delicate. Thank you for educating many and keeping it alive for those us lucky enough to have lived at a time when the places we lived in and frequented weren’t replicas of factories and barns!

  10. Please don’t give up the fight! I’m defiantly more “old-school” in decorating. What others call old-fashioned I call good taste. I love seeing younger people embracing the classic styles. Affirms my decorating decisions and even though I say I don’t care what others think, really I do. I want people to come to our home and enjoy being here and want to return. I actually AM a grandma I fear being a fuddy duddy. that said, It just feels good, cozy, comfortable and right to me to do the things I love in our home.

  11. Thanks for the affirmation. I am a Gen-X-er, and these photos are exactly my taste. I am so done with faux industrial and people destroying gilt mirrors and mahogany furniture with chalk paint. Millenials seem to me to be sensible folk, eschewing paper napkins and fabric softener. Now, they can add saving the nice antiques to their generation’s accomplishments.
    By the way, your blog is delightful. I only just discovered it, but good stuff.

  12. I loved this post. I am so happy that we are seeing the return to classic coziness. FYI yesterday I was at the Portland, Oregon IKEA store. It’s always fun to pop in and I hadn’t been for a few years. I was astonished to see even THEY were making a change in direction with some gorgeous velvet chairs in jewel colors and even an Ektorp couch in a chintz. The best thing in the store were the rugs that they sold made from scraps of Turkish rugs. Very Sister Parrish.

  13. There is an actual design trend behind this wave of Grandmillenials and it’s called maximalism. It is on the rise for at least the past two years. It is considered a macro trend, which means that it is going to be around for at least another 5 to 10 years. And it kind of makes sense, for trends tend to come and go just like a pendulums swings to and fro. Thus, it was about high time for maximalism to take over. Personally, I fill stuffed to the brim with minimalism and have decorated my home as a maximalist but with an up-to-date spin that suits my family and our lifestyle. So in overview, I think that everyone has to figure out the style that fits them best and make it work for them aside the ongoing trends. 🙂

  14. you make me feel so young ! so pleased to hear the late 20-30 age group are embracing this look. I hate labels ( particularly shabby chic ) but think layering ones room in a chocolate box manner, using delicious fabrics, paintings and wall colour and chairs covered with cushions covered with snapshots of otherwise expensive fabrics is a delight. This look is so easy to add or subtract to and is a grown up equivalent of playing with a dolls house. A room decorated like this is never static or gets its feet stuck in a sea of minimalist mud. Colour abounds at least somewhere in the room, add some bullion or trimming and it is my idea of interior heaven. Thank you darling Glam Padders for sharing these images that can be poured over ( like cream ) for inspiration. I know when an article is good because it gets me out of my chair to rearrange things …..playtime ! xxxxx


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