Why Traditional Decor is Making a Comeback

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    One: Simply over the Chip and Joanna Two Decades of Shiplap Grey, Black, And White.
    Two: They are finally gonna retrieve all the treasures their Mothers have saved for them, YAY!

  2. Buattacon was a seminal moment of this return to tradition, and with Buattacon II upon us, it will certainly serve to cement the movement back to pretty. Thank goodness! It’s been a long dry spell for welcoming interiors.

  3. I for one am very happy to see the comeback. I have a few design points I have never let go of and a few of the newer ones I am not sure I can embrace. I love antiques and color and in the age of all white and gray I have held dearly to those things. I still have all of my stained wood antiques and color. I did however let go of the window treatments. I live on the water and just can’t cover that view or that sunshine. I lightened my walls but with lighter colors. I simply can’t embrace the white walls. They just seem so sterile. There are so many wonderful colors for the walls that give it a more neutral look for the color elsewhere and yet not look so —well —white. My daughter’s walls all throughout her coastal home are a light green and all her traditional pieces look amazing with it.
    That would be some of my thoughts. I enjoyed the article and love reading your blog.

  4. It makes perfect sense for classic decor to return. It’s warm, cozy and of so beautiful. I never followed the “grey” trend and am glad to see it FINALLY go! Classic is and always has been the way to go!

  5. Your Blog has been the bright spot in the gray decorating world of recent times…personally I have always embraced color, pattern, antiques, collecting, wallpaper, needlepoint and on and on…I did simplify window treatments and I went through an odd phase of taking plates off the walls only to put them back up again…I first decorated my home in the late 80’s and early 90’s and even though new paint colors and fabrics have been done it still holds true to the original traditional, pretty and comfortable concept of those days…It is exciting to think that this way of living is making a return, mainly because there will be so many more options for those of us who have always loved this style…

    • Hi Michelle,

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I am excited about the return to traditional decorating as well… Hopefully it will be a joy to read decorating magazines again! 🙂

      The Glam Pad

  6. I have never changed a thing as I like the way my house looked – antiques, lovely fabrics, pretty things.

    I think that designers (and clients!) have finally realized the one cannot charge a fortune for to-the-trade and have it end up looking like Wayfair and HGTV. And that’s exactly how all of it looked.

  7. I am beyond delighted to see traditional design return. I never went the way of sterile rooms–there is just so much pretty to be had with the classics. Love your blog–a mainstay during the white, grey, black period that gave me lovely homes to drool over when magazines left me feeling cold.

  8. It makes total sense that the millennial generation is getting interested. This generation seems to be smart, confident, adventurous in healthy ways, and the two most important things: into comfort, and custom. What’s not to love?! There are aspects of traditional design that appeal to all humans, that can be extracted in essence and turned into a very personal environment. It’s the idea of living amongst things and colors that inspire us, and the courage to allow ourselves to do anything we want. It is the tradition of freedom with a pinch of joyful disobedience, manifested in lots of color and texture. Your articles are always so relevant, clever and a great read. Thank you!

  9. I’ve always loved the classic traditional look. Give me antiques and color. Some painted antique pieces look good mixed in but not an entire home white including white walls! And don’t even think about shiplap?!…..oh! and industrial?

  10. You have been my oasis in the desert of bland , cold and boring. I couldn’t be more thrilled to think that once again we will be able to be surrounded by the beauty of color, the warmth of glorious printed fabrics and the eye candy that knick knacks and collections offer. We have been denied interiors that offer us luxury, comfort, coziness and just plain pretty, for so long that it began to feel like punishment. I can’t bear to go into another restaurant or hotel that has the look of an industrial factory or seethes with the farm vibe, with crates , bottles and straw! Enough! I ‘d rather stay in my traditionally decorated home with my lovelies, thank you very much!! Anyway, here’s to the renaissance we are about to have and good riddance to the era of Joanna and Chip!


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