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Recently through Instagram, I was introduced to the most elegant and chic fashion blogger, Alex Weichert, otherwise known by the nom de plume “Teggy French.” Alex exudes a classic, old school glamour that is rare to find these days, and I was instantly captivated.  While she lives in New Jersey, Alex and her husband vacation frequently in Palm Beach, and it is clear that the timeless glamour of the Island has influenced her sense of style. This classic beauty, who also happens to be an actress, is like a modern C.Z. Guest straight out of a Slim Aarons photograph! It is easy to see the influence of America’s leading fashion icons – Jackie O, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, and even a little Marilyn Monroe – woven throughout Alex’s style. Needless to say… I am obsessed!

Today, I am thrilled to welcome Alex to The Glam Pad, as she most graciously agreed to a Q&A. And since I have spent more time than I care to admit stalking her blog and Instagram account, I will share a few of my favorite outfits, along with some pictures of her beautiful home. 

 In Lilly Pulitzer at the Breakers, Palm Beach
Q: What inspired you to start your blog?
A: I posted an outfit on Instagram, and a friend text messaged me saying that she always wanted to know who I was wearing, and that I should start a blog.  I started Teggy French the next day!  If my friend wanted to know, maybe other people would to?

Q: Tell me about your acting career.
A: I just returned to acting after leaving it about six years ago!  I am currently in a fabulous one-act play called “Stage Mothers” written by Miranda Jackel.  We found out yesterday that we have made it to the finals for Manhattan Repertory Theater’s Summer One Act Play Competition!

Valentino Rockstud pumps

Q: How would you describe your style, and what (or who) inspires you the most?  
A: I consider my style as preppy with a twist.  I love taking a current piece and adding something retro to make it a bit different.  I’m big on turbans and oversized sunglasses!  My inspiration stems a lot from the Palm Beach socialites of the 1960s such as C.Z. Guest.


Pucci tunic

Q: What is your relationship with Palm Beach, and how has it influenced your sense of style? What wardrobe and accessory staples do you think are essential for creating the quintessential Palm Beach look?  
A: I went to Palm Beach for the first time when I was 16 and it was love at first site!  Old school glamour is a rarity to find these days, but when you’re in Palm Beach it’s as if you have taken a step back in time when people really took pride in the way that they dressed.  There is no such thing as less is more with the PB look.  Bright colors, turbans, oversized jewelry and sunglasses,  tan skin (NOT from the sun…I’m a spray tan gal) and ALWAYS a caftan.  I call it my “movie town” because it doesn’t feel real.  It is the most magical place and I am extremely lucky to have married a man who shares the same sentiments about it.  We go every chance we get and hope to have a home there one day.  

Pucci tunic

Q: Who are your top fashion icons? Are you drawn to a particular decade, and why?  
A: I am OBSESSED with fashion from the 1960s.  Elizabeth Taylor in a caftan and turban is my ultimate! 

Q: Are you a fan of old movies, and are there any that have inspired your love of fashion?   
A: I am a fan of old movies, but I would say photographs of old Hollywood stars by artists such as Slim Aarons has inspired my love of fashion. 

Sunglasses by Victory Optical

Q: I am intrigued by the way you mix and match different looks, eras, and price points. What is your approach to wearing vintage fashion, investing in designer pieces, and uncovering affordable bargains?  
A: Where do I even begin?!  I will start by stating that I will literally shop anywhere and everywhere.  You may see me on Worth Avenue at noon, and by 2:00 I am at The Salvation Army.  The styles I love from the 1960s were usually cut differently than what we are used to now.  Go vintage shopping with an open mind because there’s not much a good tailor can’t fix.  When it comes to investing in clothing, I will only spend a lot of money on classic pieces that will not go out of style.  This is something I have learned the hard way.  My personal choices would consist of  things such as a Burberry trench, Chanel quilted bag, Hermes belt, and Pucci anything.  As far as uncovering affordable bargains my advice would be to always be creative with where you shop (I have found sunglasses as ShopRite) and make friends with the sales associates at your favorite stores (they will make sure you know about the good sales coming up!).  

Q: I love how you often add a pop of color through your lipsticks and nail polish! Do you have any colors you cannot live without? Any other makeup tips you would like to share?  
A: After numerous requests, I will be dedicating a blogpost in the next week to my beauty routine. My FAVORITE lipsticks are Rouge in Love by Lancome.


Ralph Lauren sunglasses
Q: How do you create your chic updos?
A: I pay $80.00 a month for unlimited blowouts and styling (crazy, right?!) but if I am doing it myself I use hot rollers, then tease the top part with a teasing comb, and use Goody Classic hair combs to create the bouf in the front (they are everything)!
Gap dress

Q: I understand you have created your own line of caftans. How can one go about placing an order? Do you have aspirations of creating additional clothing lines?  
A: I live in caftans.  Instead of coming home and throwing on sweats, I will always put on my house dress! I struggled with finding pieces that weren’t pajamas so I decided to start making my own! People can 100% order a caftan through me!  I am just finishing one up for an expectant mama to wear to her sister’s wedding.  I will have an easy way to shop them in the coming months, but for the time being just email me and we can work together to make something for you!  I would also love to mention that Victory Optical (my favorite eyewear line) is coming out with a line of Teggy French sunglasses that will launch this summer!  I was involved in the design process and they represent everything vintage and chic! 

Teggy French custom caftan
Teggy French custom caftan

Q: What advice would you give on how to create a timeless chic wardrobe? What are five classic must-have staples that stand the test of time?  
A: My idea for a timeless chic wardrobe would be items that express your personal style because that will always be in!  For me that is a caftan, a turban, oversized sunglasses, Lilly Pulitzer (vintage and current), and a Chanel bag.

Q: What is your approach to decorating? Does it mirror your sense of fashion?  
A: I live in NJ in a refurbished farm house, and I do my best to bring touches of old Hollywood and Palm Beach to it!  I go to a lot of auctions because I could NEVER be surrounded by only new things.  I like to think of where things have been, and how I will make them refreshed through new upholstery, framing, or painting.  Just like fashion, I see potential in what can be…not necessarily by what is.  It’s all about the vision!

Retro chic swimsuit
Isn’t she the most glamorous lady you ever did see? I just love Alex’s chic, timeless style, and I want every single thing in her closet! Please make sure to follow her blog here, which is currently being re-“glamped,” and daily Instagram updates are not to be missed. It is clear that big things from Teggy French are on the horizon!
Thank you, Alex, for your fabulous inspiration, and for sharing more about yourself here today!
“A coordinating outfit makes getting dressed so much easier, and I love that it takes you back in time when dressing like a lady was a must. I plan on dressing like a lady until I take my last breath!” ~Alex Weichert/Teggy French 
**Stay tuned, as today marks the first in a series of “Fashion Fridays” I will feature at The Glam Pad. **


  1. She is beyond fab…. I just found her recently too on IG. I predict huge future for her in acting. She's a true throw back to Hichcock blondes.
    Thanks for featuring her!
    – Linda, ny

  2. Wow! She is awesome, love her style both wardrobe wise and her stunning home…..I would love to know where you can get unlimited blowouts for 80.00 a month, that is amazing! I really love her style and just started following her on instagram, hope you are feeling great!

  3. your style is just amazing. It seems that be both have the same taste. Style in the “60” vintage has always been one of my favorites. Even the late “40′ the women wore hats in the evening, went out to dinner in long gowns. Fashion has changed, but those styles will live on forever. You have great style..

    Good wishes,
    Deborah C. Danker


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