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After learning about Otto Zenke, thanks to Wednesday’s guest post by Jason Oliver Nixon from Madcap Cottage,  I thought it would be fun to explore two Zenke homes from the MLS.  Zenke favored the Regency and Georgian style, but with a theatrical twist… black and white floors, dramatic staircases, fanciful doors and windows. The first home we will tour today was built in 1954 and is located in Greensboro, North Carolina. Zenke worked closely with architect Mott Schmidt to create this masterpiece…

This beautiful home sold in 2014, but you can still see the listing with additional images and information here, and take a virtual tour here.

The next home on our Zenke tour is located in Thomasville, North Carolina. The current owner is an avid Zenke enthusiast who decorated in true Zenke style with fine antiques and a generous dose of Southern charm…

Note the black doors leading into the parlor. They complement the entry doors and are all original Zenke. 

Click here for additional information and a virtual of this Zenke home.
That concludes Madcap Cottage week at The Glam Pad! To tour the Madcap gents’ home, please click here, and to read Jason’s guest post on Otto Zenke, click here. And stay tuned… Jason will be guest posting again soon! Did you know he is a professional writer in addition to decorator superstar? Such talent! 


  1. Now I want a Zenke house! Totally fabulous and perfect and I could move into either house and not change a thing. Classic, but still comfy. Everything interior design and architecture should aspire to.

  2. Andrea,
    I greatly enjoyed Madcap week at The Glam Pad!
    Having met Jason and John, and having been raised in North Carolina, these posts resonated with me as you can imagine. Growing up there, I took for granted all the beautiful homes, and never thought twice about them. I do know that there are quite a few residents in W-S listed in the New York Social Register, and some in Greensboro with second homes in Palm Beach…

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  4. To whom it may concern:

    I have inherited a house i in which Ottow Zenke’s firm designed the lavish interior in 1970-1971. There are some very distinctive ZENKE components in this design and I would like to learn more about them.

    Of greatest interest are the application of 19th French ( or perhaps English) 181th century wall paper in two of the rooms . In one case two panels of wall paper with Chinese motifs ( but I’m told it’s Fench or English “chinoiserie” ) is framed lalmost like paintings and attached to two walls. In another case the wall paper ( early 19th French) is applied to a backing and then directly applied to the wall. My mother told me that the latter was removed from a plantation mansion in Virginia and that the man who re-applied it in our home provided this service for Mr. Zenke and that is all the gentlemen did ( re-apaply old wall paper.) My mother said that Zenke ran ads for his firm in ANTIQUES magazine and she began buying featured antiques from his firm, such as the Chinoiserie panels discussed above.

    I will be putting this home on the market very soon and hoped to be able to research the provenance of some of the items my mother obtained from ZENKE such as the incredible wall papers. Have Zenek’s papers been submitted to a library so people can do research on his interiors?? I have bills of sale and some correspondence with the company but I don’t have little information on the provenance of a number of pieces my mother bought from him. Thank you for the courtesy of a response. LAUREL CRONE SNEED


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