A Children’s Shop from a Bygone Era

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  1. This was such a lovely shop. What a pity it is gone now. I’m grateful that the Duchess of Cambridge is choosing to dress her children in a traditional way. She is such a trendsetter, and whatever she does sells out immediately in the stores. Thanks, Andrea for “keeping up the side” with regard to traditional decor. Your efforts will not go unnoticed. Classic never goes out of style. Now if we could just get the word out to more of the decorators that people are tired of bland banality disguised as “neutral” and “serene.”

  2. I love these rooms! Gosh they look so fresh! I really lament the shuttering of Best & co as the clothes were gorgeous. Funny to me is that I usually fall for the decor and merchandising of a store, less so the actual merch. Not in the case of Best & co which did both perfectly! Thank you for these inspiring pics Andrea! Xo

  3. And Andrea, I am redoing my girls’ bedrooms and they want modern but I have found myself nixing that direction as its all looking cheap to me now instead of “clean” as such interiors are usually described. I found myself telling them this look is on the way out and I’m unwilling to spend the money for what is already dated. So I think you are right. Traditional is a better investment. Fortunately my daughters are coming ’round! Xo

  4. I just noticed that you have 78,000 followers on Instagram…holy catfish! Hope they don’t all come visiting at once.

  5. So pretty and fresh! I am amazed at how modern and new these traditional interiors look. I do think the 20 and 30 somethings are jumping on board. Even my daughter, who is 16, is pining for old fashioned things. I’ll give you an example:the latest Instagram viral video all her friends at school are watching is a black and white rendition of “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” by Paul Anka! These girls are swooning (to use an old-fashioned term) over him, as am I over the beautiful rooms you are posting. Many thanks from Houston.

  6. Love it ❤️❤️❤️ Keep up the wonderful posts! pretty, traditional and glamour will prevail!
    Little girls in smocked dresses are the cutest! ❤️

  7. There is something in our soul that requires softness and beauty. The same reason we will always listen to classical music compositions we look at well composed colors and pattern. There will always be trends in the ebb and flow of any type of design in all types of works by designers. It is important to know that although this occurs, there are basic rules in what attracts our senses -and that is beauty. Thank you for refreshing this aspect in your post- especially showcasing some of the most creative minds of our time.

    • Oh, so beautifully said! “There is something in our soul that requires softness and beauty.” I’ll be quoting you, Jan Trantham!

  8. Just like the wonderful Standards in music never go out of style and each generation seems to do a new version of the Standards I am hoping the same will apply to Decorating. Personally I feel pretty never goes out of style. I have always decorated this way and have never had anyone come to my home that did not like it even if they would never decorate that way themselves. Have actually been referred to as ‘Brave’ for using so much color and so many prints!?

  9. Lovely post, Andrea. I will always love ‘pretty’ interiors and chintz is a timeless addition to any pretty room. Susie’s shop was exquisite. Thank you for the mention!


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