Sarah Bartholomew Infuses a 1920s Nashville Home with Color

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  1. The house is beautiful, but the interiors are a bit beachy for Nashville, je pense. I could see them in Florida somewhere, but Nashville calls for something more traditional and Southern, IMHO. But then, I am a hidebound traditionalist maximalist.

    • I think sometimes “casual” or “relaxed” can be interpreted as “beachy”. Our house is at the beach and I don’t think any of us here would say that lovely house was beachy. It’s just a real, functioning, beautiful, happy family house. No references to Mrs Havisham. Inviting. Looks like anyone could flop down anywhere with a bag of chips – which is what happens in family houses.

  2. I live so much about this house, it’s a beauty. I do like her carrying the green through . For those who never lived in theat area of the country, the summers can get very warm. I don’t feel this design or color scheme i says “Florida “ It’s perfect. Lucky Lucky family.

  3. Heavenly! I love it. Living there must be such a mood lifter – it looks really comfortable and I love all the color. The wallpaper is making me swoon – all of it! Sarah Bartholomew is one of my favorite designers these days. Her work always makes me smile.

  4. This home looks so happy and bright… beautiful!!!

    I love the colorful patterned rooms that complement the formal interior and exteriors, tradition with a modern twist. Perfection!

  5. Sarah Bartholomew had me swooning over that gorgeous den in the House Beautiful feature you shared some time ago! What a treat to see more pictures of that house( and more here, than Traditional Home printed in my copy which just arrived two days ago) What a talent with color! As for the fabrics and “ look”..I could see this in most of the similar Colonial traditional homes here in the Park Cities of Dallas, where family togetherness is so valued.I would be perfectly thrilled to live in such delightful surroundings! Thank you so much for this treat….am so glad I found the Glam Pad- just loveing your wonderful articles and features.

  6. Thank you for the kind comments about my home. Sarah did a fabulous job that really reflects our family and our lifestyle. I love following your blog and appreciate your curated posts!

  7. Beautiful, warm, cheerful, oozes love & personality. I know nothing of it’s history or your history as this is my first glimps at the glam pad but I do know how difficult it can be to achieve the homely relaxed but most of all the welcoming feel to a home “even with a small semi in Surrey England ? I ‘m sure if there were 1920’s ghosts all they would do is dance sing & smile ?

  8. Your home is gorgeous! I too bought an older home here in Texas. The first time I looked at it I knew it was mine it has all the crown molding and goo ga for a traditional family home. She did a great job come to Texas and color mine.

  9. What a fabulous home! The use of color is so inspiring and just the shot of energy I needed today. Of course now I want to redo my own home… Love Sarah Bartholomew & The Glam Pad ❤️

  10. What a beautiful home. I’m having a serious bout of house envy! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE The Glam Pad too. I just discovered you (where have you been all my life!) while getting lost on Pinterest for several hours yesterday. I guess I should get lost more often. It’s serendipity… thank you!

  11. I enjoyed looking at the pictures. The pale green cabinets were an unexpected but wonderful touch. I would have loved to see before pictures too.

  12. I have that issue of Traditional Home and have studied it for months. Last week I finally got my painter started in my formal areas and am using lots of Sarah’s ideas to renovate my home. LOVE all her colors and do not think of her home as beach colors, just absolutely beautiful new traditional. Very peaceful and pretty.

  13. Hi there! I would love to know more about the wallpaper. Any chance you could recommend? Love the blue with the birds. Thank you in advance!


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