Five Tips for Creating Timeless Interiors by Eric Ross

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  1. Mr Lagerfeld’s quote is something to think about. It’s hard to get what you want your home to say about you. When shopping you have to put blinders on, I agree that the heart has to sing. When I downsized my living space, I thought it would be a snap to decorate. Now two years later, I am still not there. Vision is there, but not achieved..yet

  2. Hah! Macrame windchimes. I love it. That’s so 70s. His designs are wonderful. So attractive and welcoming, and the use of colour is marvelous. Those crazy green tiger striped velvet chairs! Ooh la la. But I like the live animal on the chair much better than the dead animal on the floor.

  3. Thank you 1000x over for introducing me to Eric Ross. I’m now following him on Insta and have spent the last hour pouring over his blog and leaving comments because so many of his posts spoke to me! Your anti-trend posts have also been so refreshing. I believe that trends exist for those whose tastes are not mature enough to express their own individuality.

  4. The trend I hate the most right now is barn doors. No matter the style of the home, a barn door is always incorporated. Unless you live in a converted barn, I don’t think barn doors are appropriate. Perhaps on an outbuilding but not in the interior of your home. I expect to see lots of barn doors in garage sales and re-sale, thrift shops in the next few years.

    “Reclaimed or barn wood” is another trend that does not look appropriate in most homes. I have one wall of that in my garage and it looks really good there but in my home? You cannot easily clean it- it is dark-it doesn’t blend well with other styles. I see a lot of ripping out of barn wood in the future.

    I also think your style needs to blend with your environment-I don’t like coastal style in the mountains or big city style in the country. That is just my own personal opinion but I feel more comfortable in a home when it is cohesive with its environment.

    • I agree with you completely. I loath barn doors and barn wood. I’m also over “farmhouse” unless you live on a farm. I love beautiful and timeless things. Just my opinion of course.

  5. I love this post and Eric’s advice. I am now in my mid thirties and I find myself less and less drawn to trends…with anything, clothes or interiors. This post confirms my thoughts and I will carry on being one of the few of my friends to seek out timeless fabric and pieces of furniture, but also one of the few to redecorate every few years!!! 🙂

  6. What a great artical…people need to learn to decorate with what makes them happy weather its popular or not. Personally I am very tired of seeing grey upon grey everthing, no color, and lifeless rooms. Really?

    • Sheila, I couldn’t agree more! If I see another gray, black, white brown except for kitchen I think I will just curl up and die of boredom. I have a coral velvet sofa that I’ve had for 25 years! I love it! Every time I walk through my main living room I look at it and it makes me happy. I love coral! As a matter of fact I painted my bedroom coral.! I love Eric! I follow him all the time. He is so wise.

  7. I completely agree with your approach to design! I have had a collective look for ever since I got my first apartment. I am now 65 and I still have a few of those places spread around the house but meanwhile as I found things that I like better I incorporate them. I always look for French and European things that I love and I have never been into the current trends just because they are trends. So I love your thoughts and your rooms!

  8. Beautifully written. I often feel like my traditional style is outdated since the trend is to go farmhouse. I love that people say my style feels comfortable and welcoming. That is what I want. Comfortable traditional. I have older ladies who can’t believe I have blue willow. My response is that it was good enough for my grandmother, it is good enough for me. I have a large collection of all blue and white. I try to incorporate it in areas you wouldn’t normally see it. Anyhow, your article made me realize my style is me. Thank you! Your style is so “me”.

  9. Love this article and all the comments! I too am so tired of the everything white/gray ‘farmhouse’ trendy and the tons of signs, quotes, old advertisements people are using in their homes and calling it country/farmhouse… I have yet to run across a authentic European/farmhouse with tobacco advertising on their interior walls. Most homes all look the same now a days with their ‘home goods’ merchandise and 2 foot clocks on the walls. Originality is best and finding your on style is an adventure in itself…have fun with it!

  10. Best read in a LONG time! I’ve always run the opposite direction when I see homes that are ‘on trend’. The Farmhouse look, especially all the gallery walls full of sayings and anything in the white color scheme from Hobby Lobby. Nothing to reflect the people who live there. And the ‘Gender neutral’ nurseries. Really??? What baby wants to live in a gray room?! All because it goes with the rest of their house?.

  11. Thank you, thank you, 1000 times thank you. I sometimes feed into the trendy looks and think my traditional “grandma” chic is not appealing but it makes me so happy and guests always tell me how homey and comfortable my home is. Sticking to my guns!!!


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