A Graceful First Impression by Gracie

Gracie wall coverings always transform a spectacular room into something completely magical, and the entrance hall of this circa 1907 home is a perfect example. Jenny at The Foo Dog Blog discovered and posted the room several years ago on her popular Tublr account, and it went viral. Over the weekend, I posted it on Instagram and was thrilled when a follower provided the address, which led to the real estate listing!

The 9,263 square foot home was located in the Heathcote Estate Area of Scarsdale, New York, on over five acres with pool and tennis court.  I say “was” because this elegant home was demolished by new buyers who did not appreciate architectural details of a bygone era that are impossible to replicate today. (And you know how I feel about that!) Let’s take a moment to appreciate the former beauty…

Tragic. This classic entrance hall is one of my all time favorites, and I cannot imagine what would possess anyone to tear it down! Let’s hope at least the Gracie was salvaged. It is their SY-125 pattern which has been in production for more than 40 years. Jenn Gracie, fourth-generation leader of Gracie wallcoverings, was so moved by this beautiful room and its unfortunate demise that SY-125 will now be known as “Heathcote” after the name of the street on which the home was located.  Such a lovely tribute!

The original real estate listing and home tour can be seen here and here. You can read more about the history of this home here and the demolition here. And on a lighter note, you can read my interview with Jenn Gracie here!


  1. What a beauty. What a tragedy.

    I wonder how long it will be before the McMansion I’m sure they built will be demolished? Around here the recent replacements are all starting to come down. Now we can tell precisely when something was built. Used to be ’70s, ’90s etc. now it’s “early 2003” or even “late August 2016”.

  2. I hope there is a special ring in hell for those who would tear down such a lovely, gracious house. What were they thinking! Not big enough? Need 20,000 sq ft? What a tragedy – it was a gorgeous house. And that wallpaper! What an incredible waste.

  3. Wish people wouldn’t purchase a home like this if they want to just tear it down. Leave it for someone who will cherish the classic architecture!

  4. It’s too bad that the practice of being hung, drawn and quartered was done away with. Because whoever destroyed this home deserves such a fate. Nothing that they could possibly ever build would be superior to what they destroyed. Unbelievable. Why buy such a beautiful thing if that is not what you want? Disgraceful.

  5. Tragic! All that amazing workmanship lost….Nothing built today could ever compare or stand the test of time…

  6. What a shame! Some people have lots of money but no taste. But that’s the world we are sometimes forced to live in. Thanks so much for your wonderful blog. It inspires me so much!

  7. My heart started racing when I saw the pictures of this lovely house then felt sick to read that it has been torn down! Tragic!

  8. This breaks my heart–such a gorgeous home, and it’s gone. The woodwork and attention to detail were incredible–they just don’t build them like that any more. What a shame.

  9. The sold price was $5.5 M which is a steal for 5 acres and a stately home. I think what deterred buyers is the horrible property tax $183k a year! If it was landmarked that would have dropped the taxes and saved it from being destroyed too bad the sellers didn’t do that, but it would have limited the market too. It’s economics and happening everywhere

  10. Donna’s comment sums it up best. While I’m not “RICH” I have a more beautiful and tasteful home than many wealthier people I know.

  11. Heartbreaking that another beautiful old house is gone. It’s happening all over. There ought to be laws protecting them from stupid people! I think publicly shaming the new owners should be allowed as well.


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