An Afternoon of Needlepoint with Rudy Saunders and Emily Eerdmans

by Natalie Aldridge

It is no secret here at The Glam Pad that we are needlepoint proponents. The historic pastime has made a roaring comeback in recent years ignited by “grandmillennials” paving the way through exuberant canvas designs and youthful spirit. One such grandmillennial, Rudy Saunders, has become the poster boy for all things needlepoint. An interior designer for the esteemed Dorothy Draper & Co., Rudy has needlepointed since childhood and has garnered a vast following showcasing his needlepoint creations.

On December 11th, needlepointers of all ages and skill levels came together in Emily Eerdmans’ storied art gallery for an afternoon stitch class with the inimitable designer himself. Eager to learn from the trailblazer, needlepointers poured into superbly decorated space. A fire blazed from the fireplace (yes, a working fireplace in New York!) filling the room with warmth. Stockings hung from the mantel and chatter filled the air creating a picture-perfect holiday scene.

Rudy recently developed a line of cheeky needlepoint canvases sold exclusively through Lycette further imprinting his spirited style onto the world of stitching. From canvases with phrases such as “Maid Wanted” and “Disposable Income” to Chippendale cummerbund, Rudy’s canvases evoke laughter, prep, and a dash of naughtiness.

Rudy Saunders for Lycette

Each guest received a kit outfitted with all the needlepoint necessities including Rudy’s Chippendale Fretwork Key Fob. Festive drinks were poured, and the stitching began. Rudy made his way around the room relaying his expertise, sparking conversation, and forging a sense of belonging amongst a group comprised of mostly beginners. It was not long until the group began to share tips and tricks forming a distinct sense of friendship within the room.

Emily Eerdmans, founder of Eerdmans gallery and the gracious host of the afternoon soiree joined in for the excitement as well. Newly acquainted with the hobby, Emily tried her hand at the fretwork canvas as well, quickly picking up the craft after a few short pointers from Rudy.

As the afternoon drummed on and the fire began to die down, a special guest made an appearance. In walks Emily’s puppy, Pompey the pug named after the Roman general circa 106 BC. Only 19-weeks old, Mr. Pompey wowed the crowd and melted hearts.

Rudy Saunders and Emily Eerdmans, two design forces to be reckoned with, finished the bash with each guest begging for more. A chic display of skill and cross-generational mingling revealed the true power of needlepoint. With the success of the event, the two anticipate future needlepoint gatherings and collaboration. Until then we wait with bated breath!

To take a tour of Emily Eerdman’s home and gallery, inspired by Mario Buatta, please click here. And for last minute holiday shopping, please check out The Glam Pad’s 2021 Tastemakers Gift Guide, ideas for perfect stocking stuffers here, and luxury gifts for the person who has everything here.


  1. My husband made a comment several years ago that needlepoint was on the downhill slide….I have been needlepointing for over 25 years and was wondering if that was the case. I am so very excited to see a new generation of needlepoint designers bringing a fresh look to our world and getting so many “youngers” involved. And Rudy is darling…..he is charming, clever and has designed some wonderful sayings that I want one of each. The only thing I would like to suggest is that everyone may find their canvas easier to stitch on if they use stretcher bars that keep the canvas flat and taunt. It also keeps the tension of the stitching looking uniform and neater. And when you start to want to explore the world of different stitches and threads, the stretcher bars will make your stitching life a lot easier.


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