Brand Crush & Big News! Fursatile + The Glam Pad

Today The Glam Pad is thrilled to introduce a very special guest… one you will frequently be seeing moving forward as we share a very special announcement… keep reading! Jenny Caulk is the founder of Fursatile, a company that connects people and pets with beautiful yet functional décor and products for the home.

Jenny Caulk, Founder of Fursatile

In 2015 a Cavalier King Charles puppy named Cooper stole Jenny’s heart and home. Inspired by the “picture perfect” rooms featured on The Glam Pad, she wanted to create a beautiful, magazine-worthy home for Cooper and herself but couldn’t find products that were stylish, functional, and made for the entire family. For over a year, Jenny worked on designing and sourcing quality-made materials. Drop cloths evolved into Protective Covers, and a Tory Burch shoe box transformed into a patented Step Ottoman. Her dream of “connecting people and pets beautifully” became a reality when Jenny launched Fursatile in 2019, stepping down from a career that included global marketing and branding. Fursatile quickly developed a loyal following among the nation’s leading interior designers, stylish pet owners, and celebrities, even gaining the attention of Oprah in her coveted O List: Pet Edition.

Pictured: Jenny developed the Fursatile Protective Covering after after becoming tired of stripping the bedding and scrubbing upholstery every time there was a mess or accident. The blankets on the market either looked like they were made for a dog’s house or they didn’t have performance characteristics. The Fursatile cover repels stains and spills and is 100% free of harmful substances.
The award-winning Fursatile Step Ottoman is beautiful, functional, and versatile, and can be used by both people and pets. With patented tongue-and-groove glides, Jenny designed the Step Ottoman – which is actually three independent pieces – after not being able to find attractive pet steps on the market. Photo Credit: @thedesigngirls
@kristywicks The Protective Cover is also UV-Resistant

After losing her father suddenly, Jenny channeled the values she learned from him – honesty, hard work, determination, and an entrepreneurial spirit – into her business. Thanks to the power of Instagram, Fursatile became not only a business, but a dedicated community of pet lovers (#fursatilefamily). This community has walked beside Jenny every step of the way, especially through the loss of her mother – Fursatile’s biggest cheerleader – in January 2022.

“Her death has been devastating and the love, support, and guidance she provided can never be replaced. Losing someone is never easy, but much like what happened when my father died and I started Fursatile, I came to realize that in addition to loving Fursatile and Cooper,” said Jenny, “I needed something new to pour my heart and soul into.”

Jenny and Andrea, founder of The Glam Pad, met in the fall of 2021 and instantly realized they were kindred spirits. They quickly discovered their shared values, entrepreneurial spirit, passion for dogs, and design aesthetic. They were even born in the same year, just two months apart! For Andrea, the challenge of juggling motherhood and The Glam Pad was becoming increasingly difficult, and she had been praying to find a solution that would enable her to maintain editorial control, yet relinquish much of the business development necessary to take TGP to the next level. With a shared vision and complementary skill sets, Jenny and Andrea are thrilled to partner together as they and their team take TGP to new heights.

Still mourning the loss of her mother, Jenny will infuse her cherished memories and lessons learned into TGP through her new role as Managing Director. From an early age, Jenny’s mother introduced her to the world antiques, shared in her love for historical dramas and period films, and inspired her to find beauty in all things: animals, plants, flowers, and the joy evoked from everyday experiences such as a beautifully made bed that welcomes a tired soul, a home cooked meal passed down from generations, a room adorned with items representing the past and present, etc. Jenny’s parents taught her that home is not just a house, it’s a haven… A place where everyone is welcome and the door is always open, day or night.

Jenny’s late mother and father

“Jenny is the perfect embodiment of everything TGP represents, and I could not be more excited and honored to welcome her onboard as my partner in crime and as a dear friend,” said Andrea. “The fresh energy, perspective, and ideas Jenny brings to the table will be delightful to watch unfold as she shares the same warmth and sense of community experienced through Fursatile.”

As Managing Director, Jenny will foster relationships with designers, tastemakers, and brands while increasing engagement and building a renewed community for TGP followers. She will oversee exciting new projects on the horizon, establish strategic goals with Andrea, and work with TGP team to achieve exponential growth. Jenny remains committed to the continued growth of Fursatile, and she and Andrea look forward to collaboratively supporting both brands.

Fursatile Branding
Another Dynamic Duo: Andrea’s French Bulldog, Riley, illustrated with Jenny’s Cavalier, Cooper

To learn more about Fursatile and make purchases, please visit and follow @fursatile on Instagram. We look forward to sharing our new journey with you!


  1. So excited for you Andrea! Welcome, Jenny! Wishing you both every success and lots of fun in the process! XO Elizabeth

  2. Andrea, This is exceptionally great news for you, Jenny and ALL of us…CONGRATULATIONS!!! As always, we look forward to supporting all that TGP will be presenting. So exciting!

    • Hi Lynn,

      Thank you so much, we are very excited about this new chapter for The Glam Pad!

      The Glam Pad

  3. As a follower of your blog, interior designer, animal lover( I paint animal portraits in the Dallas area) I will pass on the word…. Being able to have beautiful spaces as well as dogs is so important to day to day living… thanks for providing products that accommodate these needs… Thank you, Teresa and Emmie (an English cream retriever)

    • Hi Rosemary,
      It’s Jenny (Founder at Fursatile & Managing Director at TGP). We can’t do COM right now – but I’m working to offer our Signature Style of Step Ottoman w/ COM in the next few months. If you like the Bamboo Inspired Step Ottoman and want to use your own fabric – it’s very easy to reupholster AND it only requires 1.5 yards of fabric. I have a highlight button (Tips) on @fursatile that will explain how to do this!! Feel free to reach out if you need anything!! I’m happy to help ?

  4. The step ottoman is beautiful and such a great idea! I wish I’d had one of those when my elderly cat was struggling with arthritis and having a hard time climbing onto the bed. I made do with ugly steps from the pet store, but something pretty would’ve been much better!

    It seems dogs are the focus, but if Fursatile can find a way to design truly attractive and stylish cat trees and scratchers, they would be my hero forever and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way. 😉


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