Saturday, September 12, 2015

Inside a Glamorous Kid-Friendly Home by Lilly Bunn

My son is already nine weeks old - where does the time go?? - and I am thinking about how I am going to childproof our home. It definitely needs some work! So I took note as One Kings Lane just featured a glamorous prewar Manhattan apartment designed for a family of five by interior designer Lilly Bunn. “We began by thinking, ‘What’s durable? What’s indestructible?’ And then we tried to make everything as beautiful as we possibly could,” she said.

One of the children drew another flower onto the Gracie wallpaper, but otherwise everything—the Tulip table, the chairs, the rug—can be easily wiped down or washed.

The purple Madeline Weinrib fabric on a pair of bergères balances the dominant palette of blues and greens.

Lilly upholstered a pair of Vladimir Kagan chairs in a print she calls “a kind of contemporary chintz.” The Roman shades were created using a Fortuny print, which stays safely out of reach of little hands.

Lilly took her cues from what was in homeowner Amory McAndrew’s closet—Lilly often uses someone’s taste in clothes as a key to what they’ll love seeing in their interiors. This is a concept I have recently begun exploring in my Fashion Fridays series!

The living room has a single sitting area to make it feel cozy and modern, while a Lucite desk and upholstered X-benches give the space a striking, glamorous note.

“We constantly have Transformers and art supplies and baby toys everywhere. But I know there will be a time when I miss having all of those things around, so I’m trying to just embrace the mess!” said Amory. 

“Normally the entrance hall is all stroller parking,” Amory said. The lidded baskets keep a rein on clutter.

Three artworks are the master bedroom’s only wall decor, which allows the headboard to take center stage.

Lilly keeps major walls white but sees no need for restraint in a powder room: “You have less space and less clutter, so you can go for it,” she says. 

This apartment is a perfect marriage of function and beauty. One of Amory's sanity-saving rules is that she doesn’t straighten up constantly. “I’d be spending all of my time cleaning and miss everything else they’re doing. And they’d just pull things out again! At the end of the day, I put it all away, and that establishes that now is adult time.” So helpful... I would love to hear from other Moms with more tips! 

If you are interested in recreating this look, One Kings Lane has curated a special sale. Click here to shop the look! And click here to see Lilly's own family-friendly apartment. She is such a talented designer!


  1. Drawing on Gracie paper? Grounded for life!

  2. Love this home Andrea!! The entry with red leather chairs and the baskets, wow and the dining is amazing!

    The Arts by Karena
    Featuring India Hicks!

  3. Love the desk nook in the kitchen with the pin board! I wish I would have had the room to do something like that in mine. Our island has become the "office" of our kitchen and it drives me nuts when I'm cooking but otherwise love having the kids around doing homework while I make dinner.

  4. I love that wallpaper and CONGRATS...I didn't know you had a baby..I'm a little behind on blogging!


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