Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Designer Timothy Corrigan's 18th Century French Château is for Sale

To own a château in the French countryside, surrounded by 74 lush acres with fragrant gardens and lush orchards, is the ultimate fantasy. Award-winning designer Timothy Corrigan made this dream come true when he purchased a palatial 40,000 square foot 18th-century estate in France’s Loire Valley and embarked upon a spectacular restoration. And now, this fairytale estate can be yours, as Timothy has put the château on the market! Here is a preview, via Architectural Digest...

Timothy guides you through a personal tour in this fabulous video! 

Isn't this just a living dream? You can learn more through Timothy's 2013 book, An Invitation to Château du Grand-Lucé and via the château's website. Before and after images can be found though Architectural Digest, and you can read more about the sale here and here. According to Bloomberg, the asking price is $11.4, which is actually $1.4 million less than what Timothy said he spent buying and renovating the property. And it comes fully furnished, from the choice antique to the fine linens. What a once in a lifetime opportunity! 


  1. the purchase price is not unreasonable, but the maintenance and upkeep will be a challenge. bonne chance!

  2. Timothy used to work for someone I know, when he was in PR. That's not a bad price, considering that the furnishings are included. That house was his baby. I guess it got too hard to keep up with all the houses and his business, so he decided to sell the one that is the furthest away and takes the most upkeep. Someone will be getting a cream puff here. Maybe if we all pool our funds....

  3. Wow Andrea!
    What a scoop! How dreamy is right, but I can imagine the sky high maintenance on something like that. It's the same reason I don't drive a 1962 Rolls Royce for my daily driver! We were so fortunate to meet Timothy when he came here to talk about his book on the chateau, and he is the most charming unassuming man! A real gent.

  4. This is pure heaven!! If only...thank you for sharing this beauty, Albertina! xoxo


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