Friday, June 3, 2016

Traditional Decor is Back in Vogue

Traditional decor is back in Vogue... literally! This year, I have been predicting a return to old school, classic decor, and I could not have been more excited when I saw this Vogue article on "Why You Should Steal Your Grandma’s Decor Style—And How to Do It"... Now I would argue that traditional decor never went out of style, but I do believe it is long past due for a resurgence.

There is a certain timelessness to traditional decor. My grandmother's home was built and decorated in the early 1960s, and with the exception of a "refresh" in the late 1980s, it looks virtually the same as it did from the beginning... and it still looks chic. Here are Vogue's nine tips, along with some inspirational images I have selected on how to achieve this classic look...

2. And, Specifically, With a Floral-Printed Fabric - Note: Different flower motifs can and should be used on items within the same room.

3.  Consider mahogany - Quality is quality, so don’t worry about its dark hue.

4.  Never Fear an Ornate Candelabra or Wall Sconce. Who says a gilded fixture is too much?

5.  Display Any and All Chinaware. You carefully collected or registered for these plates and dishes for a reason.

6.  Everyone Needs a Good Ottoman.  Whether it lives in front of the fireplace, or acts as a good footstool, the right ottoman will serve endless needs.

7.  You Can Never Have Enough Throw Pillows. Go for ones that will keep their shape.

8.  The More Figurines and Knickknacks, the Better Your world travels and idiosyncratic hobbies can and should be on display.

9.  Needlepoints Are Your Friend. Why has this craft lain dormant for so many years, anyway?

So there you have it... From Vogue's lips to your ears. You can see these tips here. Now before you go spray painting Nana's heirloom antiques, you might want to think twice. And if you are interested in learning more about designing traditional interiors, two of my favorite books are The Pretty and Proper Living room by Holly Holden, and Traditional Interiors by Leta Austin Foster. What are your thoughts on traditional design? Are you ready for a comeback? I am!

Pat Buckley at home in her Sharon, Connecticut living room.
Photographed by Ernst Beadle, Vogue, February 1976
Love the caftan!


  1. Thank you VOGUE! It was hoe I learned to decorate years ago and have had to stifle that urge for check or chintz but now it will be back! xo K

  2. Yes, yes, YES!!! People may be tired of my singing this song, but I won't stop until the vast greigeness has disappeared from the earth. Thank you, Andrea, a million times. You are 100% right, and wow, every interior image you chose is wonderful. Keep spreading the word! Down with banality. Down with sterility. Down with bleached out blandness. And up with comfort and luxe. Hooray!

  3. Love this...thanks for posting!!

  4. I agree! Except the many doodads😀

  5. I've never abandoned traditional décor- I love the floral patterns, the lush colors and sheer excess-I just decorate to make me( and my family) feel happy..

  6. Finally, my house is back in style!!! Have a great weekend, Andrea!! xoxo

  7. Yay! We are seriously vindicated!

  8. As old and dated any of those rooms may be, to me they were ALL lovely to look at! Thanks for the affirmation! Susan

  9. Traditional, patterns, collectibles, and color = pretty, warm, comfortable, and inviting.

  10. Your post is WAY better than Vogue's! I love the images you chose.

  11. It never went out in my home. Mine is more a cross between Charles Faudree and Mario Buatta
    Kris in Seattle

    1. I know you! And it is true! Me too!! Never out of fashion! Never.

  12. You and Vogue are psychically linked! Beautiful post!

  13. Completely correct! All wonderful! My faves are Leta Austin Foster, Pretty and Proper; and Mario, of course! They are brilliant beyond!!!

  14. Pretty will always be pretty! xo love this post!

  15. As a blogger, I wondered to myself many many times, what type of elixir had been spoon fed to so many. The over use of grey and white had me cursing under my breath continuously. Now that sanity is going to be restored in the decorating world, I feel I need a long vacation. Being the lone lover of all floral was exhausting.


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