Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Inside The Private World of Lyford Cay

The gated enclave of Lyford Cay, located on the island of New Providence, Bahamas, is considered one of the world's most exclusive and posh communities. In this private haven renowned for its understated style and beautiful white sand beaches, the Lyford Cay Club serves as the social hub of the community.  Town & Country was granted exclusive access to photograph the Lyford Cay Club after a seven-year overhaul by Tom Scheerer.  "Lyford, to me, is all about pink. I think it stems from all the old colonial buildings downtown," said Scheerer. Let's take a virtual trip to pink paradise! Photography by Pieter Estersohn.

Painted palms nearly 20 feet tall pop against chocolate brown walls.

The entrance hall features "pickled "cypress" wallpaper, a dramatic corner mirror, and a fig leaf sofa.

Scheerer had white-painted tole palm fronds made for the entrance hall. 

The Cabana Bar has the most fabulous pink tented ceiling. A painting in the style of Orville Bulman hangs above the pink sofa.

"Jackets are required after 7 p.m. Persons under 18 years of age are not permitted in this room."

The pool dining area is a favorite place for breakfast.

Mobile devices are prohibited in common areas, and a land line remains in the entrance hall.

A seating area in the Yacht club.

The heart of Lyford life, the Little Club is one of two restaurants where dinner is served. Dancing follows under the pink and white tent.

An evening at Lyford often begins with meeting friends on the loggia at the Little Club.

The Yacht Club features tavern chairs and blue and black striped linoleum.

The club has its own lodgings, also newly refurbished. Only members and their guests may stay here.

The guest suites, where guests of members stay.

Pineapples are another theme of the redecoration.

More pineapples above the Cabana Bar.

To read this feature in Town & Country, please click here. Other interesting articles on Lyford Cay can be found via New York Social Diary and The Bahamas Investor. For more on Tom Sheerer, please check out his website and book. And if you are interested in purchasing a home in Lyford, this one by Amanda Lindroth simply could not be more perfect!


  1. It's so much the way Naples was...and the Port Royal Club still is...
    Genteel, so pretty, classic, and timeless! John Volk did the structure, and Mimi McMakin of Kemble Interiors re-decorated it not too long ago- just stunning!

  2. Absolutely true to it's roots of decades ago. I love that he redid the place, but kept the same feeling. It is truly beautiful and for the beautiful people. Great post.

  3. I can see why it's so exclusive - simply divine!

  4. My then 12 year old son spent a week at Lyford Cay Club with a well-to-do friend and his parents (private jet and all!!) I considered stowing away in his luggage but didn't think I'd be able to dodge them all for an entire week, and how to explain how I'd gotten there???

    He raved about it for months, especially the crepes they made him for breakfast. Ah yes, the crepes . . . .

    He had no comments about the design, though -- I guess the food was far more memorable!


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