Thursday, October 20, 2016

Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gifts Presents Lilly Pulitzer Island Cars

It's that time of year! Neiman Marcus has announced its 2016 Fantasy Gifts, and I am positively swooning over the His & Hers Island Cars. I have had a longtime obsession with the vintage Fiat Jolly, and Neimans has created a modern update of the surrey-topped little runabouts that zipped around Monaco, Nice, and Cannes in the 1950s and '60s.

His Island Car comes in crisp green. Hers is pretty in pink. The seats and removable fabric tops are covered in authentic Lilly Pulitzer prints, and matching totes, towels, his swim trunks, and her caftan are also included. Features include tough composite bodies, stainless steel fittings, powerful and clean electric motors, long-range batteries, built-in charger, and a sound system with Bose speakers and Bluetooth capabilities. It's the perfect island-inspired car for turning any jaunt into a tropical getaway!

Neimans photographed the Fantasy Gifts at The Breakers, Palm Beach.  Island cars are very popular in Florida. 

The price is $65,000 each, and you'd better move fast as only 10 of each color was built. For additional information, please visit Neiman Marcus. And to learn more about the history of the Fiat Jolly, which was originally carried aboard the yachts of princesses, playboys, movie stars, and tycoons to use as onshore transport, please click here.


  1. Who is that male model????? Dang!!!! Does he come with the car? If so, I am in!

  2. Just looked up the price of DIYing a Jolly, and it seems like you might spend more buying an unrestored one. These are actually a deal!

  3. Ohhhh....I want one!!! But for $65k, I would rather have a BMW! Have a good weekend, Andrea!! xoxo


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