Wednesday, February 8, 2017

AFK Fine Furniture for Children

When it comes to children's furniture, AFK is hands down the crème de la crème.  They furnished nurseries for celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, and Tyler Perry. After 30 years in business, AFK continues to adhere to centuries old techniques used by master craftsmen who made heirloom quality pieces. Each piece of furniture meets stringent standards of quality and safety and is made in California using non-toxic, Greenguard certified finishes. In addition to creating the world's finest furniture for children, did you know that AFK also provides design services?

AFK has truly created some of the dreamiest nurseries I have ever seen, and today I am delighted to feature a Q&A with Gail Sedigh, founder and president of AFK!

Q:  How did you develop the idea for AFK Furniture, and how has your company evolved over the years?

A: AFK evolved from my ever present love of children's decor.  Strange as it may sound, I just ALWAYS loved it!  Even as a kid, I thought kid's spaces were such happy places.  Plus, looking back, I think I was greatly inspired by Eloise! As an adult, I have always felt that childhood is a magical time--for the child AND the parent!  And a beautiful, fun, and functional kids room is part of that magic.

Q: AFK is truly the gold standard for children’s furniture.  How do you achieve your goal of creating the world’s finest furniture for children?

A: I design the most beautiful piece I can conjure up... and then worry about the costs.  With most children's furniture design, it's obvious that whatever inspiration may have been taken from adult furniture, the manufacturer has simplified details and often sacrificed quality to cut costs. At AFK,  we strive to replicate or interpret an adult piece, maintaining the quality, but in a unique, child friendly finish.

Q: Where do you find inspiration?

A: I find inspiration everywhere!  Sometimes it's a particular fabric, or moulding, and the wheels start turning.

Interior design by Dahlia Design

Q: What are your most popular pieces of furniture?

A: Our Gramercy Collection is selling very well.  The crib and bed are beautiful whether tufted or with nail heads.  We recently introduced two new Daybeds in the collection.  And the Gramercy Porthole Bunkbed has been a huge hit! My personal favorite case piece in our line is our Pagoda Bookcase.  I have one in my master bedroom.

Q: Tell me more about your design services. Please walk me through how this works.

A: I tend to form a very close relationship with most of my clients during the design process. These days, with Instagram, I often get into personal dialogues with prospective clients.  Sometimes, before we've actually netted into a design agreement, I've helped them with furniture placement, drapery suggestions, flooring choices, etc.  But for a totally designed room, which I believe yields the best result, we take a very small fee upfront and then present a floor plan and mood board to the client. And we handle everything!

Q: What are the most important things to include and keep in mind when you are designing a nursery or child’s room?

A: Comfort, functionality and a great glider or rocker! 

Interior design by Kristin Ashley Interiors 

Q: What trends are you currently seeing in nurseries and children’s rooms?

A: One thing I've noticed over the last few years is that when parents doing the big girl/big boy room for their child, they ask me for a queen size bed!  I always loved the look of a twin bed (or two, if space allows) for a small child.  But the parents want to be able to snuggle in bed and read to their child, which is great!

Such sumptuous rooms, perfectly designed for your little prince or princess. Actually, I would be perfectly happy in one of these rooms myself! These are nurseries that will create a lifetime memories for both parent and child. To learn more about AFK Fine Furniture, please visit their website. And be sure to check back on Friday for a huge AFK announcement you won't want to miss!


  1. Sweet! I like the pale green with blush room. Some of it is great for grownups too, like the hand painted canopy bed.

  2. I love this post Andrea! Each nursery, or bedroom is so custom to the client. AFK designs stunning furniture. I'll be back a Friday to see what up.
    The House of Hampton

  3. Great post! but i'd say why can't it be for dreamy grown ups too?

  4. Hush, little baby, don't you cry- your Daddy's rich, and your mamas good lookin...


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