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This spring, I had the privilege of meeting needlepoint designer Jessica Chaney of Lycette Designs, who has since become a dear friend. Jessica and I both live in South Florida, and I was fortunate to have her teach me how to needlepoint, which I wrote about here. Needlepoint has quickly become my favorite hobby. I am positively addicted, and Jessica is a self-proclaimed “needlepoint enabler”… In addition to her needlepoint design, Jessica is on a mission to bring the needlepoint community together through various channels including Instagram and her blog where she highlights needlepointers of interest in her “Women on Point” series.

One of my favorite things to needlepoint is what Jessica has coined “cheeky needlepoint” (search #cheekyneed lepoint on Instagram.)  Historically, needlepoint has had a rather prim and proper reputation, yet a touch of #cheekyneedlepoint can add humor to your decor with a dash of irreverent whimsey.  Today I am thrilled to have Jessica guest post her favorite examples of #cheekyneedlepoint!

By Jessica Chaney, Lycette Designs:

Canvas by Stitch-Its.

It is no secret that needlepoint is a staple of classic interior design. Esteemed interior designers such as Mario Buatta, Anthony Baratta, and Holly Holden (amongst many others) incorporate needlepoint in their classic, elegant rooms.  Traditionally, needlepoint is found on bell pulls, brick covers, pillows and ottomans. The subject matter usually consists of geometric, floral, or animal designs. However, sometimes playful and sassy needlepoint pops in, like Mario Buatta’s cheeky “Not Tonight” needlepoint pillow below.

A “Not Tonight” Needlepoint pillow in a bedroom Mario Buatta designed. A similar canvas can be found through Stitch-Its.
“They (needlepoint pillows) last for years and give any room in which they’re used a warmth and individuality you just don’t get from plain old pillows.” 

~Mario Buatta  

From Holly Holden’s book The Pretty and Proper Living Room.

I refer to sassy and playful needlepoint sayings as “cheeky needlepoint.” I have always been a fan of cheeky needlepoint, and knew when I founded Lycette that I would incorporate cheeky sayings in my catalogue of designs. To me, cheeky needlepoint is an elegant way to integrate sassy wit in your living space. Think Mario Buatta meets Oscar Wilde. Colorful, Cheeky, Classic.

  Always china over Dixie Plates, available here.


A cheeky take on the classic Serenity Prayer, available here.


The Queen runs the roost, available here.

Cheeky needlepoint is always sassy, but never trashy! When feathering your nest with cheeky needlepoint stick to witty sayings, and avoid anything too vulgar or profane. Cheeky needlepoint is meant to spark conversations, not shock visitors into awkward silence. However, if you must curse do so in cursive!

Lycette’s “ladylike” cursing in cursive! Available here.


Cheeky needlepoint is not just adored by interior designers, but also socialites such as C.Z. Guest and Bunny Mellon. Here is C.Z. Guest’s collection of cheeky needlepoint, purchased by the gents of Madcap Cottage.

Past and present fans of cheeky needlepoint include Mario Buatta, C.Z. Guest, Elsie de Wolfe, Jennifer Boles from “The Peak of Chic,” and KK Strand. If you want to incorporate cheeky needlepoint in your home, you’d be in the best of company!

Cheeky needlepoint is for everyone, including the baby! Image via The Needlework Finisher. 
Wise words, via The Classic Baby.


For all the introverts, available here.

Cheeky needlepoint doesn’t just include sayings. Check out Babs Horners’ (coauthor of Sophistication is Overrated) humorous spin on a family crest!

If you would like to needlepoint your own cheeky needlepoint, please check out the designers below!

If you would rather purchase cheeky needlepoint completed (I won’t tell) check out Tory Burch, Jonathan Adler, and Furbish Studio.

Tory Burch, available for purchase here.


Thank you so much Jessica for this wonderful post!! Do you have a cheeky saying you would like to see on needlepoint? Jessica would love to make it happen! Leave your cheeky needlepoint idea in the comment section below… The winner will collaborate with Jessica on a canvas that they will receive, and it will be integrated into the Lycette line! Please keep submissions PG-13. We also want to see cheeky needlepoint in your home, so don’t forget to use hashtag #cheekyneedlepoint and tag @lycettdesigns when posting your witty needlepoint designs to Instagram.


  1. I have a few…
    The bigger the hair, the closer to God.
    I like big bows and I cannot lie.
    No rest for the with kid.
    You're not 40. You're 39.95 plus shipping and handling.

  2. Cheeky needlepoint is good. I remember looking at that display of C Z Guest's cushions at Stair Galleries. So happy the Madcaps bought it. That must be where I first saw them. I knew they looked familiar when you blogged about their house. I landed some of C Z's crystal in that same sale and get compliments on it all the time.

  3. I have been designing pillows out of vintage needlepoints and the popularity has definitely increased of late. I want to start doing some needlepoints of my own…you have convinced me that I might be closer to trying my hand at it.


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