A Renzo Mongiardino Designed Townhouse for Sale

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  1. Wow what a time capsule ! The 4th floor sitting room and sunroom still look great. Would love to see what this grand house looks like with an update.

  2. I’ve walked by this house many times, as I used to work in Sutton Place. It’s one of a kind, and a really splendid house. While not a huge fan of Mongiardino, it is a very comfy looking house. A pity she didn’t use it for so long, as someone should always be in a house enjoying it. Especially something as special as this. I’ve been following Johnny Unis for a long time now, and really enjoy his posts. I hope someone buys it who doesn’t decorate it in some overly grand oligarch style, or stripped down, blanched modern style. It needs to be traditionally decorated, certainly.

  3. Good art does much to define the character of a room. I felt so many of the floor coverings in the original were incredibly beautiful. Lovely, lovely home.

  4. Sotheby’s listing the property for $21M. IMO the interiors are very dark it does need to better take advantage of the light and garden views which is a scarcity in NYC. Property taxes $150k a year

  5. I could not agree more with Mr Mongiardino’s philosophy of decorating a house. While some of this house is a bit too busy and “grande European” for my taste, it is still quite wonderful. Of course, with art like that, how could it not be! It’s such a gorgeous house architecturally. I really hate to see what a new owner will probably do to this place. It will either be decorated OTT, or most likely, will be stripped down and look like Wayfair on steroids.

  6. Dear Andrea,
    Thank you so much for this wonderful feature on your spectacular site! It really is a thrill for me to share these things with people who feel the same way about them that I do! Thank you again and look forward to catching up soon!
    All my best,
    John Yunis
    PS: extra special thanks for getting my name right! It’s amazing how many people misread it and think that the ‘y’ belongs with my first name LOL

    • So sorry, John. I hate it when people get names wrong, and now I’ve done it. I stand corrected and promise not to let it happen again. Thanks for being a realtor who actually KNOWS SOMETHING about what you are selling. Most, but not all of the realtors in Hudson NY are frightfully ignorant about architecture, and we have houses spanning a 300 year period, so one would think they would bone up on the styles, since it is their business to know such things. They think Victorian spans the entire history of the world, up to mid-century modern period, haha. Keep up the good work!

      • Please don’t apologize ! My comment was to Andrea, it wasn’t directed at you. It’s amazing how many times I get reposted and my name is misspelled – every day! And only since Instagram, so it’s quite new for me LOL
        Thank you for your interest and for your support!
        And a Big thank you, again, to Andrea! You did such a magnificent job, Andrea! So kind of you to feature me and I’m grateful for your support!
        All my best,

  7. I was in this house in this house around 1973 painting the birdcage shown by the staircase with Robert Jackson for Parrish Hadley.

    I thought it was the most beautiful house I’d ever seen.( I was recently from Alabama) and especially the exquisite chinoiserie 4th/5th floor sitting room. Which I copied years later as an office in a rather grand house in Locust Valley.
    The contrast of humble printed cotton and rush mat carpeting with extremely beautiful and rare ornaments and pictures was amazing.

    These interiors look EXACTLY the same as the house did then. No one in New York decorated in New York like Mongiardino.. or anywhere in America for that matter… at the time anyway …
    Mongiardino really did incredible stage sets for the very very very rich.

  8. After reading the text more carefully, I realized that many of the photos were taken by Horst in the 70’s but still the updated recent photos look very true to the original.. the rooms appear to have been freshened up but that’s all.
    Mrs Heinz was in residence when I was there and little wonder things held up so beautifully… she wasn’t a great believer in overheating as the temperature in winter couldn’t possibly have been over 60 degrees if that. Good for the furniture I was told


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