Sweet Home Alabama: A 19th Century Restoration

Instagram is such a fun way to meet interesting people from all over the world, and one account I have particularly enjoyed following is @riverbend_c.1840.  The account documents the transformation of a 1840s home in Camden, Alabama with interior design by Ryan Dunagan.  If you love before and afters, historic preservation, and elegant classic decor, you will love @riverbend_c.1840. The home incorporates salvaged bricks and materials, murals by a local artist, beautiful antiques, and designer touches throughout. Here are some highlights…

And here is a look at some before pictures… what a transformation!

Be still my heart, isn’t it beautiful?! This home is such a perfect example of how antiques, oil portraits and classic paintings, Persian rugs, crystal chandeliers, and “brown furniture” (design staples often deemed as “granny” by the younger generations) can all be used in a modern and fresh way.   Current wallpapers and fabrics along with a few contemporary pieces among the mix breathe new life into these interiors, creating a modern yet traditional approach. This is a home that is timeless and will never go out of style. For ongoing updates and further inspiration, please follow @riverbend_c.1840.


  1. Thanks for posting this lovely home. It is a favorite and actually looks like someone lives there instead of the toooo perfect cold homes. These owners did an amazing restoration.

  2. Wow! What a fabulous house! I agree with what everyone else has said! The floor plan/architecture is so unusual (to me). The ceilings are so high – 15 feet? And the rooms are comfortably spacious. It’s not an open floor plan but it feels airy and cozy at the same time. I don’t remember having experienced anything like this before. This seems to be what everyone wants but few, if any, achieve.

  3. Just a gorgeous house. It’s nice to see that a few people haven’t given away all their “brown granny” furniture. Such adds such depth to any room. It’s just a wonderful house, beautifully done. No OTT decorating that is sometimes seen in the south. Just perfection.

  4. This home is so lovely it takes my breath away! The antique pieces look as if they’ve always been in the house and not just selected to reflect a pretend heritage. Well done.

  5. Beautiful transformation! I love the mix of furnishings. Glad they put “brown granny furniture” with painted! Classics like this Never go out of style!

  6. To my taste one of the most beautiful houses you have ever featured.You are so fortunate in the United States to have such wonderful resources for design whereas here in Australia it is either not available or ridiculously expensive.This beautiful house makes me want to sell up and move to America..

  7. Beautiful, Beautiful….definitely in the top 3 of all the homes you have shared. Timeless, classic, elegant yet wonderfully lived in …eye candy it is!

  8. I’m so sorry I missed their open house as I don’t live but about an hour away from Camden (we’re in Montgomery)…hopefully they will have another open house in the future and I will be sure to attend. Having grown up in the South and had grandparents whose house was very similar to Riverbend I can appreciate these beautifully restored homes. My grandparents had many antiques and I guess that’s where my love of them comes from. Thank you for such a lovely feature!

  9. Would you please tell me the brand and pattern of the gold/brown wallpaper in the bedroom with the mirror behind the headboard?

  10. Dear Glam Pad,

    I am interested in the article “See Home Alabama”. Could you please provide me with the manufacturers and pattern numbers for the blue and white fabric on the settee in the hall and the brown/gold wallpaper in the bedroom with the gold mirror behind the headboard?

    Thank you,

    Deidri Hill

  11. Also, may I please have the brand and pattern number of the blue and white fabric on the gold settee in the hall?

    • Dear Deidre,

      Isn’t this a beautiful home? You would need to contact the owners regarding the questions, I don’t have the answers.

      Thank you!
      The Glam Pad


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