eBay Holiday Treasures

If I had to name my five guiltiest pleasures, scouring eBay for unique finds is definitely at the top of the list. It’s like shopping at a million shops – including fabulous antiques – from around the world with the click of a button, all from the comfort of home! The only problem, is it can be highly addictive. 😉 Today I’m sharing five of my most recent favorite eBay searches and finds…

Sterling Silver Ornaments

Each year at Christmas, companies like Wallace and Reed & Barton release dated sterling silver crosses, bells, and snowflakes. These make a lovely holiday gifting tradition. Designer and tastemaker Clary Bosbyshell told us last week her Grandmother gives her a Wallace silver bell each year. We collect Wallace snowflakes, and I have been on a mission to fill in missed years. Another lovely gift idea would be to locate a special year to commemorate a wedding date or birth year.

Elizabeth Moyer of Pretty Pink Tulips displays her collection Reed & Barton sterling silver bells on her dining room chandelier at Christmas. Note the Grenadiers by Bernardaud Limoges tablescape.
Designer Tiffany Jones displays her collection of sterling silver Wallace Grande Baroque crosses above her kitchen window.
A collection of silver bells via Cottage Journal

Discontinued China

One of the best places to shop for discontinued china patterns, hands down, is eBay. For years I have wanted to add the classic Grenadiers by Bernardaud Limoges to my holiday collection, and for some reason, they have discontinued the pattern! So I have been stalking eBay for plates. Another favorite discontinued china pattern among the Grandmillennial set is Ruban Blue by Vista Alegre.

Elizabeth Moyer, Pretty Pink Tulips 

Antique Botanicals

Framed botanical prints are a must for any Grandmillennial home, and I recently found the best resource for them…  The owner of this eBay shop has been collecting botanicals from the 18th and 19th centuries for a research digitization project, and now she is selling her treasures! Each print comes in a sealed bag with the original description page included. I purchased 42 of the Curtis prints, which are engraved and hand-colored. They are spectacular! This seller also offers antique bird, butterfly, fern, and mushroom prints. For custom frames, I highly recommend this eBay seller.

Suzanne Rheinstein


One of my favorite design secrets is the fabulous selection of rugs available on eBay. For our new home, I purchased three… two are brand new, and one is antique. Reputable sellers I recommend can be found here, here, and here.

Vintage Needlepoint Kits

Although I haven’t had much free time for needlepoint lately, I love scouring eBay for one-of-a-kind vintage needlepoint kits. One of my most favorite recent finds is a kit containing the exact canvas used for the iconic needlepoint pillow from the late Bunny Mellon’s groundbreaking Sotheby’s auction. I have also tracked down a few Mario Buatta canvases… Did you know the Prince of Chintz licensed his very own line of needlepoint canvases in the 1980s and 90s?! I also have a weakness for the old Imari and Chinoiserie kits. These kits are particularly useful during Covid and they are also perfect for beginners.

Needlepoint pillow from the estate of Bunny Mellon

This post was sponsored by eBay but all opinions are from The Glam Pad.



  1. I had spent sooo much this weekend, but could not resist. The engravings are a bargain – I got 12 of the Anne Pratt botanicals (basically of weeds! or wild flowers/medicinal plants) and one of the King Charles spaniel needlepoint kits.

    • You are going to love them. Such an amazing deal on the engravings! And the seller could not be nicer. 🙂 Enjoy!

      The Glam Pad

  2. Buying Wallace bells for my husband and I from our respective birth years. We are expecting our first child next year and can’t wait to add one from 2021 as well 🙂 . Thank you for the post and what will be a treasured holiday tradition for my family!

  3. Now about those gorgeous rugs… I love to peek around for tureens, old Spode, majolica , chintz , vintage RL floral fabrics and last but not least Chinoserie fabric

  4. Great article! I have been an avid eBayer almost 20 years now. We have the beautiful Bernardaud Constance pattern, but just discovered the Grenadiers pattern this summer when it was discontinued. It’s a much more sophisticated replacement for our Spode Christmas Tree. Of course, I turned to eBay this summer and autumn to get some basics. I wonder if we’ve been bidding against each other! Have a wonderful Christmas and happy hunting.

    • Hi Nathan,

      Oh, I love Spode Christmas Tree! We use this everyday throughout the month of December. Can’t believe they discontinued Bernardaud, thank goodness for eBay!

      Merry, merry!
      The Glam Pad

  5. I’ve bought a couple of vintage rugs for my home off eBay as well from your recommended sellers and I’m very pleased. I’ve also had good luck with discontinued china patterns and some vintage furniture pieces from brands like Baker and Kindel when I’ve been looking for a specific piece.

    • Hi Kathleen,

      eBay is such a great and unexpected resource for rugs, I am so happy to hear of your positive experience. 🙂 Thanks so much for the note!

      The Glam Pad


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