The Glam Pad’s Anti-Trends for 2021

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  1. In the spirit of friendship and good will, Happy New Year, Andrea. May 2021 keep you safe and well as you share your delightful insights into gracious living with those who have inspired you , as you inspire others. Ellen Easton, RED WAGON PRESS

  2. This made me so happy after reading…thank you. I haven’t been able to give up my love of roses in my decor, fabric or wall art. I see white on Instagram and feel “out of it”. My home doesn’t fall into a category of what’s popular, and yet, you just wrote that my style is coming back. This trend is just that….a trend. You helped me feel good again about my home. I won’t get rid of my brown antiques or rose fabric…’ve made my day. Thank you again!

    • Oh my gosh I’m so glad the traditional is coming back, not that I ever left it, but I was certainly made fun of for my love of antiques and beautiful, bright and cozy surroundings amidst the tsunami of griege on gray with “accents of gray “ minimal decor. Always felt so sterile to me like a doctors office. Like people were afraid to express themselves for fear of not conforming to “style” and trend! Blek!!! Be joyful again, put things in your home you love without fear. Stop and smell the roses! Even better. Decorate with them!!!

  3. Wonderful post! I live in Nashville and this article completely describes “Southern style”. We love our homes to be warm, joyful and inviting. A sense of tradition is comforting in these chaotic times. Homemaking is still a joy to many of us! Flowers in the entry hall, a beautiful table, polished silver, sunlight pouring through sparkling windows framed in pretty linen draperies, fluffy down pillows, all create an hospitable home. Love grandmillenial!

  4. What a brilliant summation of where we are and how we got here!

    Please give ideas on how to apply this look to an open floor plan.

    Xo Elizabeth

  5. This post really resonated with me. I didn’t wallpaper my powder room 16 years ago when we moved into our new home because literally everyone told me it was “old fashion”, “dated”, I have recently been looking for wallpaper! I have a charm bracelet I haven’t wore in years. I’m pulling it out after I type this and purchasing one for my daughters college graduation in May. Thank you.

  6. Hoorah! Traditional is hot. Thank goodness, people finally came to their senses. And since we are all homebodies now, it’s time to cocoon and feather our nests. When I was a kid, ladies wore “housedresses” to be home and do housework. Same idea as the nap dress. Covered up, yet comfy and unconfined. I wear one, and it has large pockets. Very important! We need the pockets for our phones and other items. You made my day with this post. I never got rid of my traditional style, as it never really went out of style. Can’t wait to see your new dining room.

  7. Real style never goes in or out of fashion. Wish my house had high ceilings and tall walls so I could layer on paintings and curtains and wallpaper. Everything you pictured is gorgeous especially the Colefax & Fowler — wicker, floral chintz and sterling silver are all wonderful classics whether you are lucky enough to inherit them or just buy them yourself.

  8. Did anyone else grow up hearing charm bracelets described as “pouring bracelets”? The idea was that a lady wore it when she served tea so that her charms would be visible as her wrist rotated over the silver service. Ha! Plus ça change.

    A great summary of classic Southern style. My mother-in-law (Burgundy) has at least one of everything you just described, including enough sterling silver (Francis I) to give to me. Best wishes.

  9. Agree with almost all of this post except the ruffles and bows I found too precious back in the 80’s and still eschew them.

  10. I love this article as every single one of these anti-trends is “me” and has been since I first became aware of old homes and my grandmother’s and all my great aunts’ furnishings and household items. “Old things” have resonated with me going all the way back to my earliest memories although I tried to push that desire down and follow trends until I actually read your 2018 article and also an interview you had with Leta Austin Foster. That is when I forever chunked decorating trends out the window. I have been fortunate enough to find an old Victorian home, which I can and have unabashedly wallpapered with Cole & Sons, Graham & Brown, Colefax & Fowler, and Schumacher papers; and which I have filled with glorious antiques from various local auction houses. And I was fortunate enough to win one of Mario Buatta’s dog paintings at Sotheby’s auction – a once in a lifetime splurge to own something by an icon whose designs rocked my world! Thank you for your articles which feed my love for all things traditional!

  11. I love Grand Millennial style, but I’m not a Millennial, I think its more of a real return to a feminine look and its been widely embraced. Minimalism is very masculine, and I think we’ve had enough of that. This classic style is authentic, its fun, its vibrant, never dull or boring. I predict it will carry through for a while as classics never date, they just get better with time.

  12. Oh, my goodness, YES! HOORAY!
    My husband hates gray (US NAVY veteran) and we are both so tired of builder’s beige and tan. We are not fond of the farmhouse everything look. I like my brown furniture, china, silver, crystal, antiques, and blue and white things! We are planning to change up some furniture and add draperies, etc. to complete the look. I started a charm bracelet for each of my granddaughters. Now I need some ideas for what to do for my grandson!

  13. My favorite post to date!!! I feel so justified! I love my collections, my charm bracelet, my needlepoint, my cream ware, my Dodie Thayer, my library full of books and shelves full of memories and books, my painted pillows, my Herend bunnies, my “brown” furniture, my ship paintings, my blue and white, etc. I love my home
    and how I feel in it!!!!!

  14. I love this post. One thing to point out is that this style can be achieved on a budget—I have done that all my life. I am a thrifty teacher who did inherit a share of antiques from my mother. This style can easily be adapted—one thing I do is take Eastlake furniture which is wonderful stuff and update with great fabrics. I also have a collection of letters from famous people and historical autographs and wonderful English etchings and paintings I picked up while a student in London forty two years ago. Things were quite cheap then. I have always collected silver objects, especially those wonderful dresser bottles with silver tops…but put them away when I saw it becoming dated. I really can’t bear to have anything too trendy and, I agree, Instagram and Pinterest is pollinating good taste among those who have bad taste and what a mess it’s creating. It looks like I am going to have to recover my darling Ikat side chair if things keep going to way they are.

  15. I have had the same style for all my life. I just wait for the “trends’ to catch up with me every 20 years or so! I have always thought that if the lines and structure of anything are classic, it will always be in style. I am not a fan of wallpaper, though, I prefer paint techniques unless it is a textured wallpaper such as anaglypta.

  16. Thank you for this post. I have loved almost all of these things since I was in my 20’s. Recently, setting a pretty table and collecting and using the items to do so has been one of my passions. I am looking forward to warmer weather so we may entertain outdoors and have a select few people over at a distance for company.

  17. Thank you for this post! I loved it! I have cherished everything my grandmothers left me and have definitely felt “out of fashion” but didn’t care…now I am right on point! Thank you for your amazing blog – I just love it!!


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