Aerin’s New Home, Pride and Prejudice, and Create Academy

Welcome to TGP Tidbits where we round up the happenings and our musings of the design industry each week. This week we take a peek at the soon to be former home of Aerin Lauder, the Bennets’ home from the Pride and Prejudice, and online interior design courses from Create Academy. Written by Natalie Aldridge.


Not only is Aerin Lauder the granddaughter of cosmetics pioneer Estée Lauder, but she is also an icon in her own right, an entrepreneur, and a mother. Since the inception of AERIN in 2012, Lauder has been at the forefront of global luxury and design. Infusing her signature classic flare and refinement into her brand, Aerin brings beauty, fashion, accessories, and home décor to homes and wardrobes around the globe.

Aerin Lauder 

The Glam Pad has always adored Lauder’s storied Upper East Side apartment. Home to Aerin and her family for 23 years, the Park Avenue residence has been photographed numerous times, becoming an inspiration to many and the hallmark of her sublimely curated lifestyle. It came as quite a shock when she recently revealed on Instagram that she had moved. In perfect Lauder fashion, she left AERIN lighting in all of the rooms, gifts from her home line, and Rose de Grasse pour Filles for the family’s little girls. Lucky for the new owners! 

Take a look at the coveted interiors!

Aerin Lauder

Aerin Lauder 

Aerin Lauder

Aerin Lauder

Of course, we began to speculate. How could one leave such a magnificent gem? She recently revealed to Elle Decor that an opportunity arose in a building her family loves making it the correct moment to leap. Located on 5th Avenue, the sneak peek Lauder revealed over Instagram intrigues. According to her Elle Decor interview, the new apartment has been largely left untouched with traditional sensibility and immaculate old-world touches to go along. With the help of architect Annabelle Selldorf and interior designer Jacques Grange, a personal favorite, the new abode is sure to dazzle. We cannot wait to see the results! 

Aerin Lauder

Pride and Prejudice

In other real estate news, the Bennets’ home from the Pride and Prejudice 1995 mini-series has hit the market. There is nothing quite like the sets of any Jane Austen rendition. Luckington Court, located in the rolling fields of Wiltshire, England, was no exception. The home was built in the 11th Century and expanded in the 16th Century The estate includes five other structures, barns, and pastures. And of course the most enviable of porticoed entrances!

Before making its debut on the big screen, Luckington Court was home to King Harold II. He died in the Battle of Hastings shortly after taking occupancy. The estate then fell into the hands of other families for centuries to come. When the Fitzherbert family purchased the manor in the 16th Century it came into its grandeur. The home has retained many of its Tudor finishes but with its expedition, many years after original construction it retains many Elizabethan details and other classically English features of the time. 

Up until the 19th Century the Fitzherbert family kept Luckington. Thereafter the home changed hands and was ultimately expanded upon once more in the 1920s. That being said, the residence remains very true to its roots. Like any great country estate, it has evolved with time while retaining its historic splendor.  

Create Academy

Last week we briefly touched on Create Academy. As a professional interior designer and a curious individual, I am always looking for ways to grow my expertise and bolster my knowledge. With a hectic schedule, I find it challenging at times to find outlets to do so, yet I often struggle with the idea of an online course. In walk Create Academy… There are very few online sources I feel are worthy of my time and effort. With thoughtfully crafted courses in topics such as decorative arts, interiors, and gardening, I truly believe Create Academy is one of them. 

Create Academy

Founded by Julian Parmiter and Joshua Lee, the pair set out the establish a space for joyful learning that is creative, meaningful, and beautiful. Each course is taught by industry leaders such as Kathryn M. IrelandRita KonigWillow Crossley, and of course, Amanda Lindroth, a TGP favorite. Once a course is purchased, it is yours to be referenced and kept for years to come. The Glam Pad is truly excited for what is to come with Create Academy. 

Amanda Lindroth’s course “Design Ideas for Entertaining” is available now at Create Academy. Enter code GLAMPAD15 for a 15% discount! 

Amanda Lindroth via Create Academy

Yasamin Feehily-Ghazizadeh via Create Academy

Rita Konig via Create Academy

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