Marie Chantal for Schumacher, Sister Parish for Dear Elouise, Dream Closets

Welcome to TGP Tidbits where we round up the happenings and our musings of the design industry each week. This week we take a look at the newly debuted Marie-Chantal collection for Schumacher, Sister Parish for the Atlanta based stationery company Dear Elouise, and dream-worthy closets for chic wardrobes. Written by Natalie Aldridge.

Marie-Chantal x Schumacher

Allow me to introduce the maven who has brought luxury, classicism, and high society to children’s clothing and beyond. The London-born Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece founded her eponymous label in 2000 with the intent of bringing to market newborn clothing made with the finest and softest of fabrics. Not long after, the chic society scion expanded sizing and her reach of products. Since the inception of the brand, Marie-Chantal has become the go-to children’s clothier for the royals. She has also become an authority on style, etiquette, and everything in between, prompting the release of her book Manners Begin at Breakfast

Vanity Fair

When Schumacher debuted their collaborative collection with Marie-Chantal, we were over the moon. Schumacher frequently partners with celebrated designers and moguls alike, but it is unusual to see a collection so kid-centric and chic! The mother of five has achieved the perfect balance of youth and sophistication, making a sublime selection for a nursery or young child’s bedroom. The collection boasts seven adorable prints in multiple colorways. There are also a couple of pillows and trims that are worth snatching up immediately. Take a peek!

Bloomwind in Pink

Rabbit in Blue

Buffalo in Natural

Wild West in Cream

Bear in Ivory

Pom Pom Forest in Ivory

Scattered Stars in Night



Sister Parish x Dear Elouise

Here at The Glam Pad, we are all stationery aficionados. You may recall our six-part series on stationery and the art of letter writing from earlier this year. We believe in the art of letter writing and adore all things stationery. As the art of both seems to be a thing of the past, we have found a growing resurgence.

I happened to stumble upon quite the fun collaboration this week while browsing Instagram… The iconic brand Sister Parish, known for its illustrious founder and iconic prints, has released an exclusive collection of envelope liners with Dear Elouise. Dear Elouise is an Atlanta-based stationery brand and printer founded by Brent Ellis. I recently discovered Dear Elouise and have completely fallen in love with the company’s mission to preserve the art of antique printing techniques.

Featuring some of Sister Parish’s classic prints, the envelope liners bring such a delightful twist to an otherwise unadorned element. We cannot wait to add these to our stationery stockpiles. Take a look at the collection! 

Sister Parish

Sister Parish

Sister Parish

Sister Parish

Sister Parish

Dream Worthy Wardrobes

Believe it or not, Fall is upon us. This morning while selecting an outfit I began to evaluate my clothing and make mental notes of items I may want to purchase for the cooler weather. As a New Yorker, this can pose quite a challenge. While I cherish seasonal updates to my wardrobe, I simply run low on space too quickly. New York closets were not designed to hold the clothing of a woman highly interested in fashion.

I could not help to imagine what my dream closet would look like and quickly fell down a bit of a rabbit hole. Take a look at these dreamy wardrobes I cannot stop dreaming about…

Danielle D. Rollins

Veere Grenney

Mary McDonald

Ruthie Sommers 

Jenny Holladay

Celerie Kemble

Tori Rubinson

Shop this week’s inspired finds! We are particularly excited about Emily Post’s Etiquette, The Centennial Edition of Emily’s Post’s iconic and revolutionary Etiquette… Preorder now for early October 2022 delivery. If you are looking for a particularly fascinating read, try tracking down an original copy!


x Natalie

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  1. Thank you for this TGP TIDBITS! Especially loved Ruthie Sommers florals. Thoughtful, charming, delightful and fun to be shared. Kudos!


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