A Favorite Holiday Tradition: The Advent Calendar

One of the most meaningful aspects of the holiday season is taking the time to enjoy family traditions and passing them down to the future generations. Here at The Glam Pad, we adore advent calendars, a Christmas tradition that began in 19th century Germany. Today advent calendars can take a variety of forms, and we have gathered 10 of our favorites to share today! Whether you are looking for an heirloom to pass down to your children, or simply a way to indulge… we’ve got you covered! Written by Natalie Aldridge.

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  1. Dr. Barbara Strum’s Limited Edition Advent Calendar 

Dr. Barbara Strum is renowned around the globe for her expertise in skincare and her beautifully crafted products. This year she has released a highly anticipated advent calendar filled with her cult-classic skincare with a complete regimen of 24 products and other goodies that are both full-sized and minis.

2. Liberty of London’s 12 Days of Jewelry

Liberty of London is always TGP favorite. They never disappoint on unique items and quality. This 12 days of jewelry set is a bit of a splurge but worth every penny for the bling inside. It is a perfect treat for a loved-one or even yourself.

3. Sugarfina Luxury Candy Advent Calendar

Forget what you thought about advent calendar candy, there will be no foil-wrapped chocolates in this advent calendar. Created by luxury candy makers Sugarfina, the carousel theme calendar features festive zebras, elephants, and horses dancing under the soft glow of an illuminated canopy. Not only is the candy divine, but the marry-go-round is a keepsake.

4. Fortnum & Mason’s Feasting Advent Calendar

Another favorite from across the pond, Fortnum & Mason has been purveyors of taste for three centuries. Their Feasting Advent Calendar brings together all their coveted sweet and savory goodies into one box. Each day gives a new opportunity to try something new and create foodie memories. 

5. The Wedgwood 2022 House Advent Calendar 

Who can go wrong with Wedgwood? Fastened in a period-style house, each day features an exquisitely made Christmas ornament in the brand’s signature color. The uniqueness of this calendar lies in the multigenerational quality. With such sublimely special ornaments, they are sure to be used each year and passed down through the generations.

6. Angelina of Paris Chocolate Advent Calendar

Perfect for everyone, especially the littles. There is little that compares to the magic of popping open a neatly wrapped chocolate each day until Christmas. Angelina of Paris has concocted some of the best chocolate around the globe for a little over a century making this calendar a sure winner in any household.

7. Voluspa 12 Days of Candles Advent Calendar

Voluspa candles are a go-to here at The Glam Pad. This 12-day set of full-sized candles makes a fantastic countdown. Taken from Voluspa’s Japonica archive, unveiling a fragrance each day is a gift to your senses and home. And if the full-sized candles are too much of a commitment, they offer a calendar of minis!

8. Fortnum & Mason’s Wooden House Advent Calendar

A classic Fortnum & Mason piece for every home (And our founder Andrea’s favorite). Depicting the facade of the iconic department store, this wooden calendar becomes a Christmas mainstay for each year. And since the calendar is reusable, they offer refillable sets so it can be stuffed again and again with treats directly from the store. 

9. VineBox 12 Nights of Wine

VineBox was the first company to develop curated wine advent calendar filled with carefully selected wines from around the world. Each day features a perfectly measured glass of wine in a glass vile. And if there is a particular wine you love, a full bottle can be found through their website. The calendar is offered in two different sets, a selection of bright and crisp wines and a collection of bold and rich wines. The two sets can even be doubled up to enjoy for all 24 days leading up to Christmas.

10. Bonne Maman 2022 Limited Edition Advent Calendar

The Bonne Maman advent calendar has become a cult classic and for good reason. A staple in any household, Bonne Maman has been whipping up homemade-style preserves since 1971. Each year the calendar features classics and sensational holiday jams, spreads, and honey. This extraordinary treat makes for a delectable lead-up to Christmas.

Let us know which calendar is your favorite. We cannot wait to countdown the holidays with you! And don’t forget to check out the rest of our Cyber Monday favorites!

x Natalie

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