A Tribute to Furlow Gatewood, Holly Holden’s Equestrian Collection, Madcap Cottage’s Refresh, and Happy Birthday Bunny Williams

Welcome to TGP Tidbits where we round up the latest happenings and our musings of the design industry each week. This week we pay tribute to the late Furlow Gatewood, take a glance at Holly Holden’s latest tableware collection for Scully & Scully, relish in Madcap Cottage’s website refresh, and wish Bunny Williams a very Happy Birthday. Written by Natalie Aldridge.

A Tribute to Furlow Gatewood

At the age of 101, legendary decorator and antique connoisseur Furlow Gatewood has passed leaving behind a legacy of classical elegance. Known as a true Southern Gentleman, Gatewood hailed from Americus, Georgia and made his career in New York as John Rosselli’s closest confidant and antique dealer.

In the 1940s, a young Gatewood began restoration on a carriage house on his family’s property in his hometown of Americus. Years later he would retire here and continued to add structures to the property, including a gothic cottage slated for the wrecking ball. Over many years the property would become his life’s work and the subject of many stories such as “One’s Man’s Folly: The Exceptional Houses of Furlow Gatewood,” written by the late New Orleans writer Julia Reed.

With a remarkable eye and endurance, Gatewood transformed the 11-acre property into an estate replete with lush gardens, four perfectly outfitted main structures, and other fantastical outbuildings with follies galore. The cottage became his residence and along with the analogous buildings, the property would become his canvas for experimentation.

While Gatewood never designed homes for others, his heightened sense of detail, whimsical take on classical architecture, and ease of living have inspired countless designers. With influence spanning almost a century, Furlow Gatewood certainly will be missed. Photography below is by Rod Collins courtesy of Laurel Bern

Holly Holden’s Latest Collection for Scully & Scully

The Glam Pad is in full Autumn mode and with that, we are transitioning our tablescapes to reflect the seasonal shift. We are pleased to present Holly Holden’s latest line of tableware for Scully & ScullyThe Equestrian Collection. Holly is a long-time TGP favorite, contributor, and of course, maven of taste-making. (Read more here!) She continually inspires individuals to live well-appointed and mannered lives.  

The Equestrian Collection is a five-piece place setting of premium porcelain elegant in design with a bold modern flair trimmed in gold styled to dress the table of every Equestrian Aficionado. But with the collection’s clean and classic lines, those without equine affinities can indeed take part in the splendor.

Madcap Cottage Gets a Refresh

One of The Glam Pad’s most cherished textiles, wallcoverings, and interiors brand Madcap Cottage has launched its brand-new website this morning. Founders Jason Oliver Nixon and John Loecke are known for their timeless interiors and products with whimsical and punchy details. The new website is packed with new capabilities, new content, and heaps of glamour! Take a peek here!


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Happy Birthday Bunny Williams!

This week the design legend who needs no introduction celebrated her birthday. All of us at The Glam Pad wish dearest Bunny the happiest of birthdays. With a career spanning almost six decades, Bunny Williams continues to inspire countless designers around the globe. Her first book, An Affair with a House, remains a must-have in any interior design lover’s collection. We recommend adding them all!

Image from Bunny Williams: Love Affairs with Houses courtesy of Abrams
Image from Bunny Williams: Love Affairs with Houses courtesy of Abrams
Image from Bunny Williams: Love Affairs with Houses courtesy of Abrams

Shop this week’s inspired finds!

x Natalie

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  1. I visited the wonderful grounds and toured two of the cottages that Furlow Gatewood owned. I didn’t get to meet him as he was visiting a friend once and taking a nap the next time. You could feel his presence in the cottages. He has inspired me for years and his aesthetics resonated with me to the nines! His staff were so kind in letting me visit. I took a million pictures of all his various vignettes. It is a memory I will treasure forever. His book is a MUST HAVE for anyone who loves Interior Design!

  2. Thanks for posting a tribute to Furlow Gatewood. Happy Birthday Bunny Williams. You are a great decorator and have accomplished alot….


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