A Conversation with Kitchen Connoisseur Christopher Peacock

Known as The King of Kitchens, designer Christopher Peacock, Founder and CEO of Christopher Peacock, has been serving up the very best of kitchen design and custom cabinetry since establishing his eponymous firm in 1992. British-born, Peacock began his career in London during the early 1980s working for the late Sir Terence Conran, the visionary founder of Habitat and The Conran Shop. He subsequently made his way to Boston where he worked as a designer in the Boston Design Center, and then continued his career in New York City working as a kitchen designer at the Architects and Design building.

Photo by Stephen Karlisch Photo and Interior Design by Jan Showers.

Christopher Peacock Cabinetry launched with a single kitchen display inside a small store in Greenwich, CT. The display was a sensation and Peacock quickly became the preeminent voice in cabinetry and kitchen design. In the 2000s, his name became synonymous with the timeless and classic Scullery kitchen, which is his interpretation of the original “cook’s kitchen” that was typically located “below stairs” in the grand townhomes and country estates of England.

Called the “it kitchen” by the New York Times, the Scullery collection has inspired a generation of homeowners and developers to create their own “white Peacock kitchen” and today remains the most coveted style in all Peacock’s collections.

Today, his work can be seen across the globe and is regarded as the gold standard throughout the industry. We are delighted to welcome Christopher Peacock for an intimate conversation on kitchen design….

Welcome, Christopher!

Photo by Kevin Nixon Photo.

Q: Christopher Peacock cabinetry is designed to last a lifetime. How do you create a kitchen that stands the test of time?

A: A kitchen is typically one of the largest expenses and it should last a very long time, so plan a color scheme accordingly. You don’t want to commit to something you will hate in a few years, and also think of resale. Bold can be beautiful also, but it must be tasteful.

Photo by Landino Photo.
Photo courtesy of Christopher Peacock.
Photo courtesy of Christopher Peacock.

Q: What are the most important items you advise your clients to splurge on when designing their new kitchen?

A: Every project has a budget and focusing the spending on the right things is important. All too often we see a client spending on very expensive decorative items that eat into the budget, and whilst these things are of course important, good cabinetry, hardware and appliances are the workhorse items that get used every day. There are no shortcuts, so if you have a limited budget, as most people do, spend the money on the items that need to stand the test of time.

Photo by Landino Photo.
Photo by Hulya Kolabas.

Q: Do you have any secrets you could share on maximizing space when dealing with a small kitchen?

A: No matter how big or small the space it’s important that you set realistic expectations of what can and cannot be achieved successfully. Good logical workflow, and a clear understanding of how the clients will use it are key. Lighting must never be underestimated, and good trash storage is also a must.

Then it’s down to selecting the most practical materials for the budget allowed, and laying out the space to maximize storage space, counter space and the appliances the client wants. We are always balancing beauty and practicality and hopefully we achieve both, but so much depends on the space, the budget and the clients wish list.

Photo by Jessica Delaney Photography, Interiors by Eric Roseff Weston.
Photo by Landino Photo.
Photo by Genevieve Garruppo.

Q: What are some of the top trends you are seeing right now? Anything people should stay away from that might quickly become dated?

A: Our clients love the idea of a more open planned kitchen. It’s a great place to display items such as cookbooks, easy access day to day chinaware and coffee mugs etc. With integrated lighting it can really add to the overall feel of the space.

Photo courtesy of Christopher Peacock.
Photo courtesy of Christopher Peacock.

Dark colors and mixed materials are still really popular, and we are seeing clients wanting some daring colors instead of the safe whites, cream and grey tones. We are integrating metalwork onto drawers and doors as well as shelving, and also mixing metals, which adds a sophistication to the room.

Photo courtesy of Christopher Peacock.

Like metalwork, we are also using some really interesting leathers and materials to add an upholstered element, which makes it less clinical and more decorated. There are so many wonderful leather textures and colors to access, so you can really create an individual look.
Smart appliances are great, and these days its so easy to become a gourmet chef, by the push of a button.

Photo by Genevieve Garruppo.
Photo Courtesy of Christopher Peacock.

Q: What are your thoughts on the open concept kitchen?

A: I am definitely seeing a lot of enclosed kitchen spaces as opposed to large family room and kitchen areas that are open to the rest of the home, but within that space the designs tend to be more open planned with wall shelving and less “built in” looking cabinetry.”

Photo by Megan Lorenz, Interiors by Jessie D. Miller.
Photo by Megan Lorenz, Interiors by Jessie D. Miller.
Photo Courtesy of Artistic Tile.
Photo by Jessica Delaney, Interiors by Eric Roseff Weston.
Photo by Jessica Delaney, Interiors by Eric Roseff Weston.

Thank you, Christopher, for your extraordinary insight, inspiring words, and beautiful work! To discover more on Christopher Peacock, visit his website here and follow him on Instagram for ongoing inspiration.

x Natalie

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